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Nigeria’s greatest assets are the youth, not resources on ground, says Okoye




The International Coordinator, Priests and Kings Fellowship Worldwide, Pastor Emeka Okoye, has advised Nigerian youths to have positive mindset in all they do, as this is the only way they can represent the country better.

He made this known recently, while introducing a forum called Government Impact Group (GIP), which could empower youths to realise their potentials for the nation’s wellbeing.

He stated that Nigeria’s greatest assets are the youths and not the resources on ground.


“Human beings make the difference, and not the country’s assets. Because of these things, we have set up the Greater Tomorrow Initiative (GTI) and the purpose is to give the young a voice in the nation, as well as give them economic empowerment through agriculture, training, service to the economy and partnerships. We are a group God Himself has selected to lead, special elite men, for the end time mission in Nigeria, which is the greatest country, as far as God is concerned and He sent us home from America to build the greatest country the world has ever seen,” he said.

On the purpose of the leadership training, the cleric said, “it was to change our mentality that only Europeans and Americans can build a better society. We believe that Nigerians can also build a better society, even for the Europeans and Americans to emulate. And this is a step in re-orienting our people. Our mindsets have been that everything ‘White’ is superior. That is a social complex done through brainwashing. We may not have anybody doing the brainwashing at the moment, but what was done over 100 years is still going on. So, we need to show people a different way and the ‘how’. If you are going to change Nigeria, you have to change the people.

The international coordinator disclosed that, aside the gospel being under-funded in Nigeria, “Christians suffer the most, because to be a Christian and have money, you have to go through purification. Most Christians today, just become members of a church, and the first thing they want is prosperity. Actually, the Bible promised a lot of prosperity, but nobody is teaching them the conditions to prosper, which is obedience, which you cannot master without submission and you can’t submit unless you are born again,” he said.

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