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‘No born again christian can go to church wearing a face mask or a face shield’


(Reverend Chris Okotie, Shepherd Superintendent of the Household of God Ekklesia)
The veil was first introduced by Moses, when he came down from the mountain, and the glory of God was upon his face, and then he covered his face with a veil because he didn’t want Israel to see that glory, but it eventually diminished, and vanished. That’s what the Bible tells us. Later on, when the law was established, we find in the temple, two veils: the one that is in the holy place and the one that is in the holy of holies. So, in the case of Moses, his face is covered by one veil, but in the case of God, in the temple; in the most holy place, He’s covered by two veils. So, if you were to approach God from the outer court, the more you went closer to Him, the darker it became because you couldn’t see His face: The first veil made it impossible and then the second veil made it absolutely impossible to see His face. I’m making it very simplistic again, without being pedantic and didactic about this presentation.


And so, we find that the veil represents that barrier between God and man. We are told in the scripture that when the Old Testament is read today, the veil that was on the face of Moses has moved into the hearts of the Jewish person, who is under the law he can no longer, or he cannot understand God’s word, when it is read to him because of that veil.

Now, when Jesus went to the cross, we read in scripture that when the sacrifice took place, the first sign of the approval, and the acceptance of that sacrifice, was that the veil in the temple; that is, the second veil, was split in two, so that man has access to God now and God has access to man. So, there’s a rapprochema based on the blood of the Lord Jesus. So, when a man stands in the presence of Almighty God, wearing a veil; what you might call a face shield or even a mask, what you are saying to Him is that you are denying the efficacy of the blood sacrifice; you are denying that the blood sacrifice was accepted and that the rapprochema between God and man, was empowered by the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, to make it pretty simple, you are denying the finished work of the cross.


So, when you go to church and you stand in the Lord’s presence, as a New Testament saint, what you are saying; without saying, is that the veil between God and man is still in place, even though that veil has been removed. Most Christians do not understand that, because they think this is a medical situation. They do not understand that the enemy, Satan, is trying to mock God and is challenging the efficacy of the finished work of the cross. So, not only does Bill Gates identify with Moses, because he’s the Commander of the Ten, he must also identify with Moses, by making us wear that veil. When you stand in the presence of the Lord wearing that veil, it’s reminiscent of Moses and Bill Gates identifying with that. Remember what I told you, about him being the Commander of the Ten.


So, the second aspect of his identification with Moses is the wearing of this face shield or face mask, which is what the Bible calls a veil. And that is why no Born Again Christian who has that understanding, can go to church wearing a face mask, or a face shield, because that negates the finished work of the cross, and therefore, creates the pattern for Bill Gates to challenge the authority of Almighty God, based on the finished work of the cross, because the authority that God has on earth today concerning man, is through Jesus, because when Jesus rose from the dead, He said: “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Me so, you go in my name”. And that can only be, once that veil has been removed. Because as long as the veil is still present, there can never be a covenant between the two of them that brings that proximity; or the propinquity or the familiarity: It will not be possible.


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