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Odin urges Christian Mothers to emulate Blessed Virgin Mary’s intercession, courage

By Paul Adunwoke
23 April 2023   |   3:32 am
Christian mothers in the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, last Sunday, joined their counterparts across the globe to celebrate Mother’s Day 2023.

Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) of St. Jude Catholic Church, Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos celebrating Mother’s Day… last Sunday

Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) in the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, last Sunday, joined their counterparts across the globe to celebrate Mother’s Day 2023.

Speaking at the event held at St. Jude Catholic Church, Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos, the Parish Priest, Reverend Father Gabriel Odin, enjoined the women to live their lives by emulating the Blessed Virgin Mary whom he said they should continue to seek her intercession and courage so as to be able to love one another. He urged them to live a life of humility and faithfulness like Mother Mary and continue to say “yes” to the will of God in good and difficult times.

The parish priest stressed that the Catholic women should emulate Blessed Virgin Mary, especially when she presented Jesus Christ in the temple as well as in difficult times.

Odin said: “Any woman who seeks for her intercession will also encounter peace in her home and her entire life.”

President of the Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) of Saint Jude’s Catholic Church, Mafoluku, Mrs. Nkem Nweke, said the day was dedicated by Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos to celebrate motherhood.

She said: “Today, women are being celebrated in various parishes in the Archdioceses. We celebrate our own in Saint Jude with support from our husbands and our amiable Parish Priest, as we are grateful to God for the opportunity.”

She tasked women to ensure they express themselves and practice open governance in their various homes in order for peace to reign.

She said: “Women should ensure they communicate in their various homes to ensure love in their marriage. They should uphold the virtues of respect and understanding towards their husbands.”

Admonishing the womenfolk to make out time to rest for the sake of their health, Nweke counseled those who always seek divorce in their marriages to try and find the missing link between them and their husbands, rather than divorce.

According to her, “such women should find out why they are not happy in their marriages and learn to face their challenges together with their husbands. Like our mother Mary they should find a heart to forgive in every circumstances.”

The President called on mothers to train their children in the way of the Lord, adding training of children in the family is the responsibility of both the husband and wife.

Nweke said: “Though women are the mirrors of every family, therefore, they should look up to our Mother Mary in training their children. Our mother Mary was humble, forgiving and hardworking, which her son Jesus Christ followed her footstep.

“Therefore, mothers generally should try to be good mothers in order for their children to follow suit and the issue of armed robbers, kidnappings, banditry, among others, should be reduced in the society.”