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Osagie: God is grooming somebody to replace me


Bishop Lawrence Osagie

Bishop Lawrence Osagie is the presiding Bishop of Powerline Bible Church, Lagos. Recently, he clocked 60. The event also coincided with the church’s 30th anniversary. KEHINDE OLATUNJI reports.

How has the journey been and what are your future plans?

The journey has been good. It has been like a whirlwind: rough and tough, but I have absolutely nothing to regret. Everyday, we hear people’s testimonies, which are the things that make us go on; that there is a God Who answers prayers.


They testify that God and His word are real, and that God is Who He says He is. We have had it for 30 years and He has given us the opportunity of life and health, and we will spend it serving him and serving the people – that is the joy.

It’s been beautiful and there is absolutely nothing to regret in the past 30 years of ministry. God has blessed me.

What is your succession plan for the ministry?

That is a very simple thing, because I do not own the church. On several occasions, I have said this openly, and that is still the same situation.

God is the One Who raises people and puts them in authority and He is also the One Who brings people down from authority. I believe that God is grooming somebody to replace me.

When I started 30 years ago, my plan was to step down from pastoral office and probably go into teaching and preaching ministry upon hitting 55.

However, when I was 55, I discovered that I had not even scratched the surface, and now I am 60.


Personally, I intend to continue serving God and the people for as long as He gives me the opportunity. And when He reveals the person’s name to me, I will hand over to him.

None of my children has told me personally that they are interested. In fact, they don’t show interest and I am not the type that dresses a David in the armour of Saul and says, ‘Go in this might.’ No. I do not have time for that.

I did not pick a career for any of my children, I am just curious to know what direction their lives are taking and what God wants to do with them.

But to tell any human being, ‘You look like a pastor,’ I don’t do such things.

What is your view on the state of the nation?

Few days ago, I got a text message from an elderly man, a retired person I have never met before.


How he got my phone number I do not know. He said since he retired from service, he has not been paid his pension and his family is depressed, hungry and suffering.

And then he said: ‘I am a Muslim; I am begging you to help me because of the God you serve, don’t look at my religion.’ That is what we were saying then, and the thing is still on till tomorrow.

People are spending billions on political security and for months you cannot pay workers.

People are dying, families are packing up and somebody somewhere has fainted, all because he works for government and the government can’t pay him; and you still see the people running such government living flagrantly.

This is the state of things in Nigeria presently, and that kind of situation can only create crisis. This country is blessed enough to be able to create the right and enabling environment for the citizens.

I am not even saying distribute money to the citizens, but just create the environment for these people to enable them fend for themselves.

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