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Our Daniel in the tradition’s den – Part 3


Dr. Israel Akinadewo<br />

When we use candle stands, it is to depict a symbol of light to our darkness and not for ritual purposes.

Also, that candle, which represents light, is purely white and not the ones that the demons have created in red, blue, yellow, green and brown, among other colours, and are being used for anti-Christ purposes.

Even some people, who decided to be ignorant of the word of God, said for them to be rich, they only need to throw as many candles as possible into the river and that the numbers that return will determine the level of their wealth.

This is nothing but heresies, rituals and is not for the truly born again Christians.


Many among us are fond of making use of white handkerchiefs at crusades, church programmes and other religious related programmes.

The importance we most times attach to these handkerchiefs, make it look as if they are the source of our happiness in coming to Christ.

Better still, we tilt our heart so much to this that many scamper to get their own handkerchiefs, as if that is what will seal their prayer requests.

This is nothing but traditional religion brought into Christianity.

However, if we hold this handkerchief without any spiritual undertone, or it is for the fun of it, this is understandable.

Bathing in the River

Many among us who do this will always reference the healing of Naaman by Prophet Elisha (2 Kings 5), but lose the Biblical truth that all those practices have become irrelevant since the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

No doubt, there is power in water, which God gave to it and that has not changed.

However, the use of river nowadays should solely be for the purpose of baptism and not for people to take others to the river and mandate them to bathe naked under any disguise.

Those who do this cannot really claim to be born again Christians, but born against Christians.

Praying with things that traditionalists use

This is the worst of all these practices. Many, who claim to be Christians, have brought rituals of different types into Christian practices, thereby misleading people.

They kill human beings; bury animals alive and use the heads of animals for whatsoever purposes, thereby bringing alien practices into Christianity.

Whilst doing these, this category of heretical Christians even call upon the name of Jesus Christ to confuse their followers.

The truth of the matter is that Jesus Christ cannot be present in the environment of rituals; therefore, it amounts to calling His holy name in vain.


Meanwhile, when we do all these things that have no biblical foundation, it means we have found ourselves in the den of traditions, and we cannot truthfully worship God in spirit and in truth.

If care is not taken, this generation of Christians will live in the delusion that they are born again, yet our practices, which at times we do ignorantly, only lead us away from the path of righteousness.

How did Daniel get out of the lions’ den, where he was thrown?

He depended solely on the name of God. He made up his mind that, irrespective of the circumstances, he will never worship any other gods.

He rejected idolatry food and the food from the idolatry nations, and that ever-living God miraculously saved him.

Therefore, our Daniel must search for that truth, which will take him away from tradition’s den.

To achieve this, we must do away with practices that cannot be biblically supported, and throw them into the dustbin, where they belong.

It is only through this, that God will free us from the den of Christianity enmeshed in traditional and idolatry practices.

May we be free indeed, in Jesus name.
Remain permanently under God’s banner!
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