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Our position in Christ Jesus


The above text affirms the supremacy of Jesus Christ as the head of all principalities and powers. And upon His assumption of the exalted seat of power and glory, He placed believers in an enviable position. “And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places by Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2:6). Therefore, no threat from any kingdom of darkness can suffice. This is predicated on the fact that Christ Jesus occupies and wields the highest power in the whole universe and had bequeathed same to His followers (Christians). Here lies the unshakable confidence of a believer, who knows His rights and understands his place in Christ.

The crux of this discourse is that believers are complete in Christ. “And ye are complete in him which is the head of all principality and power” (Col.2: 10). Believers are the epitome of His very image, as long as the edge is not broken by sin, howbeit minute. The understanding of the text under consideration is a source of strength and vigour to every child of God, who believes in the potency of Christ’s power.

This enviable position can only be acquired at redemption. It cannot be attained on a platter of gold without sincere and genuine salvation. Salvation automatically secures this exalted privilege for man. As soon as a sinner repents and accepts Christ, he is spontaneously translated from kingdom of darkness to a marvellous kingdom of light that radiates God’s righteousness and the likeness of Christ, where he enjoys the provisions of Calvary. The blood of Jesus Christ purchased this privilege! This finds credence on the axiomatic truth that “redemption promotes and never demotes.” It places us in the same place with Jesus and justifies the scripture that says, “ye are gods!”

The benefits of redemption are numerous. They include but not limited to the following: it makes us sons and daughters of God (Luke 20:36). Redemption also makes us joint heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17). It gives us right to heal the sick (Matt.10:1). It gives us right to speak with heavenly language (Mark 16:17; 2:1-4). It empowers us to trample under feet the power of darkness. It enables believers do exploit for God (Daniel 11:32). 

All that a believer needs is in Christ, including riches, wealth and health. Unfortunately, some preachers do not understand the provisions of redemption, which is why they teach men in part. The aftermath effect is that their congregations’ rights, wealth, riches and glory in Christ are willingly ‘willed’ out to the devil, which is why they languish ignorantly in abject poverty and defeat.

The scriptures’ descriptions of the beauty of heaven and its splendour, speaks volume of God’s riches and glory. Therefore, if we claim to be children of God, we must also be as He is. If He is wealthy, we must also be wealthy; if He is rich, we must be rich because, we are joint heirs with Christ and made in His image. Any other gospel other than this fact is from the pit of hell and not from God.

Arguably, anybody who professes to be a believer and saved by the blood of Jesus but remains poor should reassess His salvation because Christ became poor for us, so we can be rich! From the beginning, the Lord gave man dominion over the earth. The implication is that the earth was handed over to man to dominate. In other words, the ‘title deed’ of this world is given to man by God, Who wants us to reign on earth. Even after rapture, and subsequent sojourning of believers in heaven for one thousand years, we shall still come back to the earth again to reign (new earth: Rev. 21).

Redemption has given us every good thing needed to live a good life in this world (Eph.1: 22). Redemption only took away sins, worldliness, and all manner of evils in the world from us. Our dominion as believers has been restored to us with all the fullness, glory, riches and power thereof (Gen. 1:26-28.). 

A believer’s life must be envied by unbelievers and the dark world. It is an error and misconception for a believer to go begging and borrowing, even from unbelievers! What kind of Jesus would you present to unbelievers whom you borrowed from? A poor Jesus or a Jesus that cannot supply all your needs? This is not the time to play religion. Reassess your salvation and the distorted truth you have been fed with in your denominations and come back to God.

It is time for you to live the life God has created you for. Live like Christ! Shun all shabby and poverty-stricken life you called Christianity today and showcase God’s glory.
For further reading: Col.1: 12; Eph.2: 6; Luke 20:6
Eph. 1:14-20; 2Pt.1: 3-4; 22, 23.

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