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Overcoming the storms of life – Part 1


Ejikeme Ejim<br />

Sometimes, some people who had given their lives to Christ have been made to think that every storm is over, which is very unfortunate. Storms of life are not over, just because you have given your life to Christ. But the truth is that whatever these storms of life may be, you can sail through them with Jesus. The COVID-19 pandemic is like a storm that swept us off our feet, but with Jesus, we are sailing through it.

Jesus got into a boat and the disciples followed Him into the boat. The important thing here was and is that Jesus was there with them, just like Jesus is now with you. You will observe in verse 24, suddenly the presence of Jesus notwithstanding, a great tempest arose on the sea and the boat was covered with the waves. This was recorded for us in the Scripture to help us to get balance in our Christian walk. There are people who believe that, as soon as they give their lives to Jesus, all storms of life are gone. The Bible does not teach that all those storms of life will be gone.

There could be storms, the devil could raise storms any time; the devil could move straining circumstances to raise storms in my life and in your life. These storms could come from any direction; these storms could come from the most unexpected direction and from the most unexpected people. The devil could suddenly turn people against you and raise storms through them. These storms could come at the most unexpected times and these storms could come despite the fact that we are walking with the Lord and enjoying fellowship with Him.


It is good for us to understand these things that we be no more children who are tossed to and fro, driven up and down by every wind of doctrine, as the Bible instructed in the book of Ephesians 4:14. Some people are spreading false wings of doctrine all over the world today. Such people teach with cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. You should not remain an infant Christian, who will keep drinking milk of the Word of God every day. Time will come when you have to crack the bones of the Christian faith, for there are bones of this Christian faith. Do you remember at all that some were crucified, some were thrown to the lions and some were cut off asunder by swords? Yet some others got saved with God’s mighty arm and outstretched hand to leave a lesson for all times that the Lord is our deliverer.

The Bible makes a very beautiful statement that Jesus was asleep while the lives of His disciples were in jeopardy. He was asleep is like sometimes when you pray and it appears that your prayer is not receiving the answer and you look forward to receiving. Sometimes, some people get discouraged and some disappointed and Jesus would say to the disciples of John the Baptist, “Blessed is he that does not pick offence in me” (Mathew 11:6). Why? Because He would not visit John in prison, He would not go send him word of encouragement and would not do anything to show that He was aware that John was even in prison and John said, ‘Have I made a mistake? Is He not the Saviour? O yes, He was and is the Saviour.
Today’s Nugget: He was and is the Saviour
Prayer: Lord, Help me not to be offended in You
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Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria


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