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Overturning wicked agenda



Text: Prov. 12:5-7, 21; Esther 7:1-10
The word overturning means to reverse, over-rule or cause something to overturn from an upright or normal position. The word wicked simply means bad or evil; an unholy act, while Agenda can be defined as a list of things to be done.

The agenda of the wicked is to list out plans and the execution of evil, while the agenda of a believer is to overturn that which the wicked has listed out as evil plans to execute.

In John 3:8, we see the agenda of Christ on earth. Also, this mandate was given to us by Christ in John 14:12. In the book of Esther, there was a wicked man named Haman, who was promoted into the position of power, when two of the kings chamberlains, who planned to kill king Ahasherus were executed. Pride and power possessed him, and he designed an evil plot to kill Mordecai, then a common gateman because he was a Jew who refused to worship him. Haman even used diviners to cast lot to determine a good day to carry out his wicked agenda against Mordecai and his people (the Jewish race in Persia). They got a day, but forgot that the word of God says:
The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof (is) of the LORD.î Prov. 16:33

Except the Lord sanctioned it, it cannot come to pass. Eventually, with the help of Queen Esther and prayers of Mordecai, the agenda was overturned. The gallons prepared for Mordechai to be hanged on were used to hang Haman. I decree to you today that every grave dug for you to enter will swallow the digger in Jesus name.

One of the things we can see from Hamans act, which the wicked uses today, is divination. Haman used astrologers and diviners to manipulate the heart of the King to support his evil agenda. King Ahasherus heart was completely subjected to influence from the realm of the spirit by Haman and his diviners. To achieve that, the astrologers and diviners worked from day to day and from month to month (Esther 3:7-11). One of the lessons we must learn is that, sometimes when people in authority take some draconic decisions, it is as a result of manipulation from the spirit realm by wicked men, who understand that the spiritual controls the physical.

The second lesson we learn from this story is that, when the righteous stand their ground and cry to God in the place of prayers, He answers and can even influence the heart of anybody or king in the place of authority. (Prov. 21:1)

When Esther, Mordecai and the Jewish people in Persia fasted and cried unto the Lord, the heart of the king was restored and they received favour from the king. Today, I decree in the name of Jesus, any divination and enchantment used against the helpers of your destiny to turn his back on you, expires in Jesus name.

Two sisters had a hot quarrel sometime ago. The older one made an evil plot against the younger. Unfortunately, her wicked agenda landed on the innocent daughter of her target, who happened to be my daughter in the Lord. For so many years, this sisterís life was stagnated till God intervened and she got married. The marriage was faced with another period of delay, but after praying for her, she got pregnant. She travelled to her village one day, and when this evil auntie saw her with the pregnancy, she was shocked and wondered how this sister could get pregnant. The aunty went back to intensify her evil act to ensure the sister was unable to deliver the baby. After praying with her, at full term, she delivered her baby safely and her aunt ran mad. Today, I decree that whatever the agenda of the wicked is for your life; will be overturn in Jesus name.

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