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Peril of the popular way – Part 1


Pastor W. F. Kumuyi

From the beginning and throughout the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord Jesus Christ speaks about the Kingdom of heaven, the Kingdom of God (Matthew 5:3,10,19,20; 6:33; 7:21). His focus was on the destiny of man. The Lord looks at life as a journey, a journey from time unto eternity. He reveals that there are only two gates – the wide gate and the strait (narrow) gate; only two ways – the broad way and the narrow way; only two destinations – destruction and life.

There are only two destinations to for any of us; the path we are treading will lead to either eternal peace and happiness in heaven or eternal torments, sorrow and suffering in hell. The choice we make of which gate we enter, which path, road or way we walk in will determine our final, eternal destiny after this life. God has ordained only two distinct places to be the final, eternal abodes of men after this life, and between them, He has fixed a great gulf so that none can pass from the one to the other (Luke 16:26).

There are only two gates, the wide gate of multitudes, the majority of the human race; and the narrow gate of the few who make the right choice, which God has ordained. And there are only two ways, the popular way, the spacious road on which broadminded multitudes travel, and the narrow way, the unpopular road traversed by the few who walk and follow the Lord closely and consistently. There are only two destinations, not three. Some religious people have invented a third destination, but it is only an imaginary place of human invention, which does not exist. Men enter through the wide gate or the narrow gate; there is no third gate. Men travel on the broad way or the narrow way; there is no third way.


There are only two classes of people – believers or unbelievers, saints or sinners, the few or the many. We are either in the light or in darkness; in the truth or in error; among the few or among the multitude; either righteous or unrighteous. There is no third category. There are only two ends – the end of the broad way or the end of the narrow way. There are only two destinations for travelers journeying through life on earth – life or destruction. There are only two destinies – heaven or hell. Where will you spend eternity? What road have you chosen? Some are already strolling on the broadened entrance gate that leads to degeneration.

“Wide is the gate.” Ancient cities have walls around them, and they have gates through which people may go out or come in. The wide gates are spacious enough to admit men and their loads or chariots while the strait, narrow gates take only individuals without loads or encumbrances. The examples of wide gates (for big trucks and vehicles) and narrow gates (for pedestrians) are still very common in cities and communities today. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, often used visible, known, natural things to illustrate spiritual, invisible, unknown, eternal realities. For travelers to get into the way leading to their destination, they go through the wide tollgate. The gate is the only avenue of admittance into the way and it must be taken in order to reach the destination. All who enter the wide gate will travel on the broad way and the only place this way leads to is destruction, doom and damnation.

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