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Persecutor, turned the persecuted: The unavoidable step in gospel propagation – Part 3


Israel Akinadewo

No doubt, this affirmative declaration could not have come from other person, but a determined and unshakeable soul, who himself had tried to suppress the truth, by persecuting the church, both through physical attacks and satanic behaviours. It was not until he (St. Paul) was made to see and know the truth that he came to the conclusion that the persecuted (preachers of the Word) are more encouraged and more strengthened, amidst persecutions. Therefore, the persecutors are only oppressing in vain.
Can the Gospel be preached without the preacher being persecuted?

There are two things that must primarily be present before anybody can come out to preach the word. Firstly, knowing the truth (born again Christian (John 8:32; John 3:3) and secondly, using the knowledge about the truth to change the perishing souls (Evangelism – Mark 16:15-16). In view of this biblical truth, there will be war against the upholder of the truth and such people will face severe persecutions.

In addition, one way the persecutors equally make use of persecuting the preacher of the word is by comparing the earthly living standard of the bearers of the Word. In many occasions, the enemies of truth will refer the preachers to the following situations – (1) Despite your age, you are yet to get married (2) You have been married for so long, but you have no children of your own (3) Last week, your landlord threw you out, because you could not pay house rent (4) Your children are out of school, because you are unable to pay for their school fees, etc. All these and many more are what the haters of truth will use in persecuting the heart of the preacher, and if care is not taken, the preacher will lose his/her faith, and start embracing the lovers of lies.


In another dimension, the preacher will be faced with the challenges of how to preach successfully to the perishing, having become aware that the demons will not want to lose his followers on a platter of gold. Therefore, the preacher will be attacked ferociously, and through many methods so as to demotivate him from carrying out evangelism assignment. This is exactly what Jesus Christ said in John 16:33 that – “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Meanwhile, despite what the preachers will face and other challenges confronting him/her in evangelising the Word, one thing is very sacrosanct, that is, if he/she did not falter in his/her relationship with God, and he/she continually preaches the undiluted word to the perishing – he will gain eternal life. Therefore, what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul (Mark 8:36-38). I, therefore, pray that the spirit of God shall never depart from us, in Jesus name.
Remain permanently under God’s banner!

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