Thursday, 7th December 2023

Power Conference is a joint thanksgiving and celebration of god’s faithfulness — Akanbi

By Chris Irekamba
06 August 2023   |   4:28 am
God’s Mercy Revival Ministries (GOMERM), Ikotun, Lagos will hold its power conference from August 14 to 20 at Mercy Revival Centre (MRC), Ikotun. With theme: “The Unlimited God: From Minimum to Maximum,” Archbishop John Osa-Oni, Bishop Abraham Olaleye, Pastor J.F. Odesola among others will minister. Speaking with CHRIS IREKAMBA on the church’s yearly event, the…


God’s Mercy Revival Ministries (GOMERM), Ikotun, Lagos will hold its power conference from August 14 to 20 at Mercy Revival Centre (MRC), Ikotun. With theme: “The Unlimited God: From Minimum to Maximum,” Archbishop John Osa-Oni, Bishop Abraham Olaleye, Pastor J.F. Odesola among others will minister. Speaking with CHRIS IREKAMBA on the church’s yearly event, the General Overseer of GOMERM, Dr. James Akanbi disclosed that the yearly conference is for specific purposes in God’s mind, adding that it is time for evaluation and God’s impartation of mercy on His people. 

What is this yearly event all about?
Mercy power is different from ordinary power. Mercy power is where God reaches out to the unqualified; those who do not have enough faith to grasp the things of God. Mercy is not predicated on anybody’s merit.

It is predicated on God’s own merit. The power conference is also a sort of home coming for our members in all the branches who will come together for a joint Thanksgiving Service. It will also serve as a celebration to the Lord for His faithfulness to those of us in the ministry.

How will you describe past power conference?
The conference has been achieving its specific purposes over the years. The impact of a thing is measured according to the purpose of that thing. The purposes of the yearly power conference are evaluation, examination, extension of God’s mercy, home coming of members, identification of what God called the ministry to do and harvest of souls. We have been able to measure and achieve these five purposes over the years.

How does the conference relate to the mandate of the ministry?
In every ministry there are general and specific mandates. The general mandate is for everybody to go and win souls that is the “Go Ye mandate” (Mark 16:15). The specific mandate of this ministry is “countering the devil’s revivals at this end-time.” And we see this mandate conspicuously fulfilled every year in the power conference. For instance, on harvest of souls, we record hundreds of new converts every year into the ministry during and after the conference. We see the general and the specific mandates bringing souls. Some of our branches were planted as a result of the soul harvested at the yearly conference. We have lots of testimonies of people that have received miracles, signs and God’s mercy in their lives at each of conference.

What informed the theme, “The Unlimited God: From Minimum To Maximum”?
We do not form the conference themes. Each year God inspires the theme. All the themes of the programme are “Rhema” and come from God. They are God’s major word for that particular season. For this year, God said: “I want a new dimension of Me to be revealed to the people.” He is the same God, but comes in a new dimension. That new dimension is the un-limitedness of God; it is different from the way people perceive Him before now. Unlimited God is an irregular God. Irregular God deals with irregular cases and irreversible matters. He deals with impossible cases. Now, we are coming into a situation where God cannot be boxed in irreversible, impossibilities and in cases that have been completely written off. These are cases, situations or circumstances that the unlimited God is set to handle at this year’s conference.

What should participants do to get these miracles at the conference?
I have never seen people so excited for the conference like this year. People are already mobilised to attend. The excitement and eagerness are there. The sky itself shows that there is something in the air because the expectation is very high. When you have this kind of atmosphere, be rest assured that God is about to do the impossible in the lives of those that will attend the conference. The atmosphere sets the tune for the miracles. Like the previous conferences, this year’s conference will also feature an international ministers’ conference with topic as “Building The Builders.”

What are the expectations of this year’s ministers’ conference?
I must not say that it is almost overshadowing the entire conference. The revelation and the burden that birthed the ministers’ conference are too heavy. Many people call themselves performers and professionals. It is an anathema to call yourself a professional, a performer or a coach in a field that you know nothing about. You see the un-built building people; imagine apprentices calling themselves professionals and experts. Imagine, those who never went to school calling themselves professors. It is an aberration! This is the cause of the discordant tunes in the ministry work in Nigeria today.

The complications, abuses and assaults that ministers receive from the world are as a result of the ministers who are not trained, but want to reign and train others. They make mockery of all the ministers of God before the world. The world insults, abuses, ridicules and rebukes us because of the charlatans among us.

Who are the ministers expected to speak at the conference?
There are general and specific callings of ministers. However, with the calibre of ministers lined up to speak at the conference, you will know that you the level of shaping, equipping, impacting and impartation that will take place in the participants’ lives. We have invited professionals, consultants and experts in different fields of ministry.

In the medical field, it is one thing to graduate in medicine and be called a medical doctor, and another thing to move upward in practice to become a consultant. So, for the speakers at this year’s ministers’ conference we shall be talking about specialists in different fields of ministry. They are generals and consultants in their different fields. They have reached the level that they are recognised as specialists in different areas of ministry. We prayerfully and selectively picked them as guest speakers, so that, one will build one side and the other will build another side and at the end of the conference we shall have a fully built ministers.

One will mould the head, another will fix the eyes, another will fix the nose and ears, and another will put the arms and the legs and so on. By the time we finish the conference, there will be fully formed ministers of the gospel that would be able to see, hear, smell, speak and walk with the Lord. This is exactly what the conference aims to achieve with the rainbow of specialists at this year’s international ministers’ conference.

Aside the ministers’ conference and Zion power conference, what other programmes do you hold?
We also hold a monthly miracle service and run the Church Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that include widows’ programme where we impart on widows, giving them cooked and dry food items, money, materials and as well empower them to startup their businesses. We also have a scholarship foundation for brilliant but indigent students from primary school level to tertiary institutions. We equally support upcoming ministers, give them some stipends for sustenance, so that they do not go into some negative practices that will tamper with, or affect their integrity in the ministry. We as well hold RAPONET fellowship to impart different cadre of ministers of the gospel spiritually. This holds quarterly.