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Power in the blood

By Prophet O. Azuka
29 August 2021   |   3:09 am
Blood is life. It is blood that gives life to every living-moving thing on earth. It gives strength and fights all forms of germs in the body. Blood is a miracle fluid that keeps the body alive.


Blood is life. It is blood that gives life to every living-moving thing on earth. It gives strength and fights all forms of germs in the body. Blood is a miracle fluid that keeps the body alive. It is precious and very vital to the body. Man’s blood was contaminated by the sin of Adam and through Adam, sin circulated throughout the whole world. The precious blood of the Lamb was, therefore, needed to save man from sin.

The blood of Jesus brought redemption to man. Nothing else was found worthy to deliver and save man from the corruption of sin than the blood of Jesus Christ. It is the blood of Jesus that brought forgiveness to the vilest offender, who comes to Jesus in deep contrition. It is this precious blood that washes and purges from sin. Those who stray afar from God can come to Him for pardon and forgiveness of sin.

The blood of Jesus Christ brought about justification for sin. This implies that a sinner who sincerely comes to Jesus is justified and regarded as a righteous person who never committed sin. This means that the blood of Jesus cleanses and covers every sin and the accompanying guilt. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from dead consciences and makes it pure and alive, such that it detests every trace or iota of sin. The blood also makes us holy and righteous before the Lord. Condemnation and memory of sin is purged by the blood of Jesus, which in turn radiates peace of God in the heart that passes all understanding.

The blood of Jesus broke the middle walls of partition between God and us. When the walls were broken at the atonement on the Cross of Calvary, man was given direct access to God through Christ, so that man does not need any human mediator to intercede or perform rituals on his behalf to access the blessings, forgiveness and favour from God. Before Christ’s blood was spilled on the Calvary, man had no access to the holy of holies, except the priest who entered there once in a year with the blood of animals to sacrifice and atone for the sins of man. But as soon as Christ shed His blood for the world, that barrier and rigours were broken. The blood opened the door to the Holy of holies.

It is only the blood of Jesus that pacifies God’s anger. Ordinarily, man angered God at the Garden of Eden through disobedience. At this point, nothing was found worthy to ameliorate this fierce anger of God, until the blood of Jesus Christ was shed, so that each time God looks at the blood, His anger against man is pacified, i.e. those who came to Jesus Christ for repentance and forgiveness of sin.

The blood of Jesus brought healings to man. Sicknesses and diseases receive healing through the blood of Jesus because, by His stripes, we are healed. There is deliverance in the blood. Those under the captivity of the devil and have been held as lambs for slaughter, are delivered by the blood of Jesus Christ. There is no spiritual combat that can withstand the blood of Jesus. At the mention of that blood, the dark world quiver. The works of the devil are destroyed through the blood of Jesus. If there is anything the enemy dread most, it is the blood of Jesus!

The power in the blood of Jesus is all that believers need for their victory. Challenges of life meet brick walls in the face of the blood of Jesus. Problems submit and difficulties melt at the mention of this blood. Nothing silences this voice. This blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel. It speaks better things: it speaks peace, deliverance, freedom, salvation and healing, among others. The blood seeks souls of men that have gone astray. If believers can make use of this precious blood of the Lamb, problems and battles of life will naturally melt away.

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