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Power in the name of Jesus



Text: Philippians 2:9-11
The name of Jesus Christ is a powerful name that is above every other name. The name has the potency of giving a Christian whatever he needs on earth. Unfortunately, many do not understand the power embedded in this great name, which is why they are defeated by the enemies in the battlefield.

It is not an understatement to say here that Christians are a great disappointment to heaven. With what the Lord has given to His Church, no believer is expected to live a defeated life, because there is victory in that name. In contrast, however, Christians live beggarly life. They have become the laughing stock of the society and a reproach to the precious name of Jesus. The reason for this ugly development is not far-fetched: some believers are not able to put up a fight to take their God-given space in the world. When a believer refuses to fight and sustain such battle, he dies a fool’s death.


There are deaths a Christian should never allow in his home, because he has all the weapons at his disposal to combat the enemy and overcome. But when a Christian neglects the weapons of war available in God’s armoury, he remains a coward on earth. The name of Jesus is the greatest weapons that can overcome powers of darkness. Regrettably, many Christians do not make use of this weapon. They allow it lie fallow and latent. One thing is certain: God will never force anything on anyone, not even the weapons available for his victory. God does not owe any man. He has sufficiently given man what he needs to succeed on earth.

The battle of life is more of personal. No one is ready to fight for you. In fact, some people delight in seeing you fail in life. Therefore, it is a journey of the determined, who are ready to break all odds and press forward for victory. There are multifaceted enemies that do not want a child of God to succeed. Haman was an example of an enemy, who was bent on destroying Mordecai and the whole of Jewish nation. But Mordecai knew how to use the weapons of warfare. He put all arsenals in place and went ahead to upturn the decree of Ahasuerus. This victory did not come by mere self-pity. Rather, it came when the right weapon was used.

Today, the name of Jesus Christ is available to believers who are authorised to use the name, Jesus Christ. No sinner is qualified to use the name of Jesus without being born again. This is the prerequisite to spiritual battle. Victory is guaranteed, when the name is used. Again, it must be applied with faith in order to enforce its efficacy. Every other name submits and pay obeisance to the name of Jesus.

The name of Jesus carries powers that perform signs and wonders and set the captives free. Sadly, some preachers, instead of using the powers in the name of Jesus, go to the rivers, sea and ocean to seek for power, when Jesus Christ had given His church greater power that is above all powers known to man on earth. The name of Jesus is enough to give us signs and wonders. Searching for alternative powers elsewhere is magical and devilish. Such evil powers do not command any authority in the realm of the spirit. The name of Jesus Christ is effective and efficacious, when it is called in righteousness and holiness. Nobody can possess the power in the name of Jesus Christ without purity, which is the secret of exercise of power in the name of Jesus.

The name of Jesus is the confidence of a believer. This is all a believer needs in life to succeed. Use it and be victorious in all battles.

For further reading: 1 Sam. 8:19-20; Prov. 19: 24; 18:9; 26:13; 12:24; 15:19; 19:15; 21:25; 2 Sam. 2:32-33; 2 Sam. 15:31; Esther 7:9-10; John 14:13-14; Mark 16:17; Prov. 8:10; John 16:23-24.

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