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Preparations to meet your God

By Prophet O. Azuka
03 October 2021   |   3:14 am
As Kingdom Power Christian Praying Centre prepares for its annual October programme, tagged 21-day fasting and prayer, it behooves every member of the church to adequately prepare spiritually for the exercise.


Text: Amos 4:12
As Kingdom Power Christian Praying Centre prepares for its annual October programme, tagged 21-day fasting and prayer, it behooves every member of the church to adequately prepare spiritually for the exercise. The programme will help the church and individual member of the church to sustain the victories the Lord has given during the period of intense spiritual combat.

Sustaining victory after battle is more difficult than winning the victory. Therefore, it is important to consolidate the victory with fasting and prayer. Obviously, the victories the church has won in the realm of the spirit are not by meritocracy; rather, it is by God’s grace and mercy. Ordinarily, our age as a church would have disqualified us from this glorious victory, but for God’s mercy. Fasting and Prayer is not enough to sustain victory; a holy lifestyle keeps the victory alive. A wise believer always endeavours to live righteously in order to remain and enjoy his victory.

Spiritual and physical preparations are very important for this forth-coming programme. The spiritual preparations start at the threshold of salvation. There must be an encounter with Jesus Christ, which produces freedom from sin before embarking on this journey of fasting and prayer. The experience of salvation must be steady and current. There must be certainty that those who will appear before God for this programme should have their names written in the book of life to avoid hindrances to prayer

Little deception, lies and falsehood disqualify one from participating in a unique programme of this magnitude. This is because the exercise is spiritual. There must also be self-denial and absolute surrender to God. Worldly attractions and fantasies that may not be sinful but not convenient, must be avoided in their entirety, so as to have quality time with the Lord. In our pursuit of God during this programme, there must be total abandonment of the world and its allurement. We must also lay all at the altar in total commitment and submission to the Lord.

This period of total consecration, tests our genuine love for God as it exposes who takes preeminence at such a critical time like this. Definitely, all other secular appointments will be affected to honour this call from God. Civil servants and business owners will pay some price in order to be in attendance throughout this period. It may appear difficult, but it is a mark of obedience to the Almighty God. Besides, there is need to be in the right spirit during this time. A long notice had been given before now to enable everyone make adequate preparations and take necessary permission in workplaces.

As Christians, we cannot fulfil our heavenly mandate, if we don’t regularly wait on the Lord in order to attract divine help to sail through the journey and accomplish our ministries. If we must stand boldly to challenge ungodliness that reigns supreme in many assemblies, we must wait on the Lord in fasting and prayer. If we must tear down the power of darkness and enthrone righteousness on earth, we must wait on the Lord. If we must restore the broken walls, we must, as a priority, tarry in the room of fasting and prayer. The Devil does not respect grammar, but the power of fasting and prayer. This is the only weapon that humbles the devil. Unfortunately, this is one of the greatest weapons the church of Christ has neglected.

Fasting and prayer is a sacred exercise that requires full attention and consecration. There is a standard of fasting and prayer that heaven recommends for believers. It is a time to forsake the hustling and bustling in the society for sincere fasting and prayer. It is a time to set oneself apart. It is not a period to exact all labours. The hypocritical fasting and prayer, where people go to their businesses and gather in the evening to pray, is not the acceptable fasting and prayer that God approves.

Make yourself available as the programme began on October 1, 2021 for a great harvest of God’s blessings.

Further Reading: John 3:3; Eph. 5: 26-27; 1 Pt. 5:6; Luke 9:23; James 4:7; Matt. 26: 29; Romans 12:1-2; Exo. 24:1, 12-18; 1 Kings 19:7-17; Joel 1:14-17; 2:1-17; Matt. 4:1; Acts 6:2-4; Isaiah 58:3

You can fellowship with us @ Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, 65, Oluwatedo Road, Cele Road, Isashi, Ojo, Lagos State.

For details of our programme, visit us @www.kpicpc.org. You can also follow us live on Facebook @kpicpc & YouTube @ kpicpc.

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