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Preparing now for sex at old age


Bishop Charles Ighele

It may surprise some people to know that there are some couples out there from above fifty-five years of age who are no longer interested in the sex aspect of their marital union. When you ask some why they are no longer interested, a likely response may be “forget that matter. We are already old.” Old for sex at seventy? Haba!

Apart from the SPIRITUAL UNION (1 Cor 6:15 and 16) and procreation, sex is real fun, which God created for humans to enjoy within the context of marriage. Couples should, therefore, deliberately enjoy it even when they are old. If you want to be physically strong to enjoy sex at old age, you have to drastically reduce a lot of those junk food and drinks that are not capable of making your body healthy. You know what I am talking about. Eat more of good stuff. Since the body of man was made from components of the soil, natural food and drinks from the earth will service the body and keep it healthier. The body processes natural foods better than artificial stuff. By the time you add some mild exercises to non-junk food, you will be stronger for sex at old age.

Secondly, couples can start preparing for sex at old age when they start removing the cultural barriers in some cultures that make people to think that it is a taboo for grandparents or great grand parents to have sex. When all the children have grown and left the home, sex is one of the means of enjoyment, bonding and exercise that couples should look forward to. Spice up your old age with “sexercise.”

Thirdly, being psychologically too old for sex is something young couples should psychologically guard against right from the beginning of their marriage. When the mind is fed with negative or no information about sex at old age, when old age begins to creep in, it (the mind) will not know how to respond to sex when that time comes. Such people, therefore, miss the beauty of sex at sixty, sex at seventy and sex in their eighties and as far as their strength can take them. Sex at seventy may not be as regular like sex at thirty. But it has been proved that the satisfaction derived by couples when they have sex at old age can be more than the satisfaction they had when they were younger IF they bond more and mature with age. Couples should, therefore, psychologically prepare themselves to enjoy the old age “bottompot” sexual satisfaction, which itself is another chapter, another experience.

For those who have not gone to the half time of life, now is the time to have the best of this wonderful God-given gift known as sex. Couples should not be ashamed at all. In fact, they should be adventurous about it. They should explore. They should use their brains to invent new ways of sexually making each other happy without necessarily being partakers of other people’s sin (Eph 5:7-13 and Rev 18:4), which they commit through pornography. When you have the best of it now, your memory bank will be so full of good sexual memories that when you eventually possibly become too old for sex, you will think, gist and laugh about things you did sexually when you were younger. By this time, you are likely to live on memories and memories can make life to be sweet, especially at old age. May your sexual memories be sweet. May your sexual memories make both of you laugh and laugh without others knowing why you are laughing. Amen. Love you.
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