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Quiescence in the midst of life crisis


The story we are looking at in the text above is the fall of king David after he had committed sexual sin with Bathsheba in the Bible. King David seemed to have achieved his life’s goals, as he had been greatly used of God. He was truly a man after God’s own heart. Yet, at middle age, he fell into sin and brought disgrace upon himself and trouble to God’s people.

Studying David’s fall and restoration will give us an insight into how a man can fall into mid-life crisis. The truth be told, at different transition of our lives, we will all experience mid-life crisis. But, however, may be the magnitude and degree of the mid-life crisis, we can still manage it and curtail the damages it may bring.

Often times, when mid-life crisis hit us, we often forget the days when we experienced the goodness of God, the days our payers were answered by Him, and when we had our breakthroughs. Mid-life crisis is the transition of our early success and victories to the time we know longer have them. To some, it could be a failing health, a doctor’s report, or it could be lack of interest in the things you enjoyed doing in your early years. For some, it could be experiencing the unfaithfulness of a spouse you love so much, when you were making marital vows in the presence of friends and loved ones and what have you.


Mid-life crisis is something we shall all experience during the brevity of our lives here on earth. Often times, when it hits us, we tend to throw in the towel and lose the courage to endure this phase of our life, and the courage to hang on and pass through this phase because surely this too shall pass.

Recently, I came across a childhood friend, whom we grew up together in the same neighbourhood. After secondary school, Smith had travelled to the United Kingdom to pursue his university education, while I stayed in the country to pursue my education. We ran into each other at the shopping mall, and because I had limited time, we couldn’t talk and so, we just exchanged numbers. Few weeks afterwards, I called him and after exchanging pleasantries, we talked for many hours on the phone, sharing those lovely times and moments we had when we where in school. Afterwards, we scheduled a meeting. Days passed and then we finally met. After discussing secular things, Smith looked at me with sadness and I asked him what the problem was. He responded by saying, ‘you can’t understand.’ I tried to cajole him into telling me what was wrong, but he said again that I wouldn’t understand. Then he finally opened up to me about his marriage.

Smith is a lay leader in his church and has a lovely wife with whom he has enjoyed a good relationship. He has been very successful in his career, getting regularly promoted in the company where he works. He has a good knowledge of the scriptures, and is very much involved in the church’s life. He is leading Bible studies and discipling younger men. He has been close to his pastor for so many years. So, you can just imagine his pastor’s grief, when Smith’s wife came for counseling, saying she had found evidence that Smith had returned to his excessive drinking habit of his pre-conversion days.

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