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Reigning as kings and priests



Adam, the first man created by God, lost the privilege offered to him in the Garden of Eden to reign on earth. He completely lost control of the entire earth he was hitherto in charge of because of the sin of disobedience. Sin is dangerous and can render a man destitute and bereft of God’s promises.

Sin robs man of his glory and makes him slave to the devil. It exposes to danger and the devil’s captivity. It brings indelible shame and disgrace that may not be erased in a lifetime. Many people have traded their destiny sheepishly, as a result of sin without knowing it. Little wonder they wallow in difficulties and sorrow and are unable to trace the source of their problems. Surprisingly, the source is the resultant effect of sin that produces such inexplicable situations in life!

Today is a day of coronation for true children of God, because redemption has made everything available and possible. Christians are meant to reign and showcase God’s glory and awesomeness. It is no longer news that believers are kings, queens and priests on earth. This fact was confirmed in the above text, where God categorically stated that we shall ‘reign’!


The dominion conferred on believers dated back to creation, where God gave man right to rule the earth and exercise unrestrained authority and power over all creatures. Adam exercised this right momentarily, until he lost it to the devil. Jesus Christ has restored man’s throne in redemption. The knowledge of this obvious truth is a starting point of a new phase of life of victory. On the other hand, ignorance of this fact spells doom for any believer, as he may remain in Adam’s falling state.

The implication of the right of redemption is that all things are under man’s authority. It’s a great privilege that redemption confers on man. Powers in the sea and under the earth have been given to man. Unfortunately, some so-called men of God have abused this authority. Some have commercialised God’s power and gift. They have deceived the gullible, collected huge amount of money from them and ask them to do the unthinkable in the name of God. What a terrible generation!

Redemption has restored to man the song of victory and kingship. It restores to man his lost territory, his throne and dominion on earth. Interestingly, redemption restores man to true fellowship with God. The privilege Adam lost in the Garden of Eden is now fully back to man. Praise the Lord!

Joseph enjoyed these privileges of throne because he refused to sin against God. Opportunity to sin presented itself in a platter of gold, but he blatantly rejected it. He ran away from sin at the peril of his life. He did not care about the wrath of Potiphar and his wife. His goal was to obey God at all cost. It paid off! At the end, he assumed the throne of authority.

You can ascend your throne today, if you decide to shun sin and accept Jesus as Lord and personal Saviour.
For further reading: Gen.1: 26-27; 1Jn. 1:3; Rev. 19:15
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