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Rest on every side



There are times one wonders whether there can be rest at all, talk less of rest on all sides. But our today’s passage shows that God can give us rest from trouble and give us rest from every side. Our passage contains the testimony of Solomon, concerning himself while sending a message to Hiram, king of Tyre. Unlike the reign of his father that was full of wars, antics of the enemies, home and abroad, known and unknown, near and far, God gave Solomon rest from foreign and local enemies. Solomon had no adversary against or inside his kingdom. Adonijah, Joab, and other ill-designing persons were already cut off. The Bible says there was no evil occurrence i.e., nothing that rose up and met him to discourage or hinder him from fulfilling the good purpose/work he had in view.

This unique experience was in fulfilment of God’s promise to David his father in 1 Chronicles 22:9. David himself had a brief rest, (2Sa 7:1), but Solomon’s rest was a lasting one. He was a man of:
• Rest- “Nuwach” in Hebrew means settle down, let alone, give comfort, quiet or calm.
• Every Side- “Saw-beeb”-a circle, environs, round about – Josh. 23:1
• No Adversary- “Saw-tawn”- an opponent, the archenemy of good.
• No Evil Occurrence – “rah-pega”- bad event or adversity, affliction, calamity.


Divine Rest- What God has done before, He can do it again and again. Therefore, this month, expect rest from
• Troubles-
• Enemies-Duet 12:10, 25:19
• Labour/Burdens-Exo. 5:5
• Battles/Wars-Joshua 11:23, 14:15.
• From Sorrow, Fear and Hard Bondage-Isa.14:3

As the Lord gives you rest on every side, expect your past sorrows to turn to joy and mourning unto feasting (Esther 9:22). Even if your father had fought battles on every side, may God give you rest on every side.

Even if others are not having rest, expect rest on every side. May you enjoy this rest to fulfil divine purpose and divine mandate! Shalom!
Shepherdhill Baptist Church (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.


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