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Restoration of stolen favour

By Rev.Dr. Israel Kristilere
17 October 2021   |   1:48 am
Nothing makes a man stand out in life like favour. Favour makes a man to excel in all things. Esther was promoted from being a slave girl to a queen because of favour..

Israel Kristilere

Nothing makes a man stand out in life like favour. Favour makes a man to excel in all things. Esther was promoted from being a slave girl to a queen because of favour (Esther 2:15-17). She also entered the king’s court uninvited and was not sentenced to death because she received favour (Esther 5: 2). Mary certainly was not the only virgin in Israel, but she was chosen to carry God the Son in her womb for nine months all because of favour. (Luke 1: 28). The devil knows the importance of favour and that is why he seeks to steal our favour. There are people who are no longer where they used to be because their favour was stolen. I command every stolen favour to be restored in Jesus name. Amen.

Three things you will discover in this message:
• Favour is important for successful living.
• Favour can be stolen by the enemy.
• Stolen favour can be restored.

Mephiboseth – The Invalid that Was Favoured. Mephiboseth became lame by accident, not by birth (2 Samuel 4:1-4). His name means ‘the dispeller of shames’ and when favour came upon him, truly his shame was dispelled. Worthy of note are the similarities between the favour he received from David and that which the sinner receives from God that brings salvation. Mephiboseth was sought in his indifference, received in his deformity and received this favour for the sake of another. The favour brought him a rich inheritance and granted him daily fellowship with the king. Similarly, the sinner was sought in his indifference by God, saved as just as he was and received this favour because of Jesus. A rich inheritance is waiting for the saved sinner, as he daily fellowships with the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Mephiboseth – The Favour that was Stolen (2 Samuel 16: 1-4) When David was fleeing from his own son Absalom, the people of Israel formed two camps i.e. the sympathetic and the unconcerned. When Ziba came to help David, Mephiboseth was not present and he lost favour. All David had given him was then transferred to Ziba.
(3.) Lets pause and reflect on the sins of Mephiboseth. Was David wrong in withdrawing the favour? Today, many things take away a man’s favour. So, watch out so that no one steals your favour. Take care.
Mephiboseth: The Story of a Recovered Favour – (2 Samuel 19: 24-30)

As we examine this text, let’s consider the factors that helped him recover his stolen favour.
• Steadfastness/Faithfulness – vs. 24
• Humility
• Acceptance of faults/no excuse – vs. 26-27
• Willingness to receive judgment without reservation – (vs.29-30). You will need all these, if you shall recover your stolen favour.

The story of Mephiboseth has revealed to us that, as favour can be received, it can also be stolen. And if it can be stolen, it can be recovered. As the year is running to its end, may you recover your stolen favour in school, in office, in business and in all areas where you need it. I believe strongly that the time to favour you has come. (Psalm 102:13). Walk in the Will of God, remain faithful and you will tell the story of a restored favour. Shalom.
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