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Revoking evil decree



The word “revoke” actually means to overturn, reverse or cancel. While the word “decree” means a law, order, fiat or edict. Decrees are issued by people with authority. An evil decree is a satanic pronouncement or curses issued on an individual or group of persons from a satanic altar by satanic personality with authority. Such a person can be a witch doctor, priest or priestess, occultist or Satanist etc. When such pronouncement is made, it is quickly supervised by a demon.

In Jeremiah 22:28-30, a decree was pronounced on Coniah and his entire family. The earth was told to bear the record. According to the edict, firstly, Coniah and his family will be an outcast. They will be cast out into an unknown Land. Many people today are like the Coniah’s family. Evil decree was issued against them, and now they are suffering from the consequences. Some are always rejected and uncelebrated. Maybe that is what is happening to you now, but I decree in the name of Jesus that such pronouncement over you is cancelled or revoked with the blood of Jesus.

Secondly, Coniah became childless because of the decree issued against him. Today, there are many marriages without children because a satanic authority made an evil pronouncement on them, while some experience the pain of having constant miscarriages. They see the sign of testimony, but experience the pain of not delivering the testimony. Today, in the name of Jesus, I command that experience to end now!


Thirdly, the decree on Coniah reduced him to poverty. According to the decree, he shall not prosper in his days. It simply means all the days of his life on earth will be characterised by struggles, hardship, poverty, rising and falling etc. all these begin to happen to him, because of the evil decree. As a reader of this article, is there any curse or decree issued against your life that is making you to struggle despite all your efforts? Today, the decree is cancelled. Many people like Coniah, when a decree is issued, either in the form of a curse or evil pronouncement, powers of darkness are sent to supervise it. In Zach. 3:1-5, the high priest Joshua was supposed to be promoted or coronated, but a garment was placed on him. This garment could be as a result of evil pronouncement, sin or ancestral curse, because of this, Satan specifically resisted him. Have you ever find yourself in a situation that anytime you are about to get something or cross a barrier, there is a great resistance? It could be there is an evil law or decree working against you.

Evil decrees are satanic verdict. They are negative pronouncement or satanic prophecy. The evil decree can be likened to satanic barrier placed on the victim’s path. The good news is that the divine decree can overrule any satanic verdict or decree issued. Romans 8:2

The scripture above made us to realise that if there is a decree or law that brought about death, calamity or destruction, there is another decree that can bring life, peace or upliftment. In Esther 8:8-10, we saw that the decree issued against the Israelites was reversed in ancient Persia kingdom. King Ahesuerus was tricked to destroy or exterminate the entire Jewish race in Persia. Verdict was said to the effect, but when the Jews led by Queen Esther and Mordecai fasted and cried unto God, the decree was reversed. Instead of the Jews being killed, when the month of Adar came, which was the 12th month, according to the new decree issued by the king; the enemies of the Jews were killed.

“Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divine against Israel. According to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, what hath god wrought” Numbers 23:23.”

According to this scripture no enchantment or evil pronouncement against Israel will stand. By extension, as a child of God, you are the spiritual Israel.

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