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Reward vs Relationship


Pastor David Adeoye

There are two important things in the business world; Relationship and Reward. Everybody wants to be adequately rewarded for their labour but, only a few know that business is about relationships. Come with me as I take you through the story of Jesus’ betrayal.

Judas’ immediate reaction after Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with that expensive ointment was to enter into a betrayal agreement with the chief priests. He lost control over excessive greed. Greedy people are tools for Satan’s use.

His ability to choose money instead of his Master revealed his uncontrolled greed and love for money. He lost his faith at the expense of his finance, because of covetousness. He traded God for gold and ended up in regret. He allowed his untamed appetite to outrun his faith.


Balancing Faith and Finance Due to the unbalanced teachings and preaching on the subject of prosperity in the church, many have been swept off their feet for lack of financial integrity.

“…Nevertheless, when the son of man comes, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18: 8).

At the second coming of the Son of man, the question of whether He will find Finance on earth is not the issue. Many would have lost their faith for their finance in the church while still speaking in tongues and shouting Hallelujah.

All along, while Judas was following Jesus, he had this untamed and excessive greed for money.

If you can’t balance your faith and finance, you’ll end up losing either or both of them.

There are many today that have been imprisoned by their wants. These people are not in control of their wants, but their wants are in control of them. They are ready to lose their God for gold, than losing their gold for God.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt. 6: 33).

The truth is that you can’t truly walk by faith and not have finance following you.

The misplacement of priorities by many is their greatest mistake. The place of the Master is not negotiable. When He is wrongly placed, everything becomes wrong.

Relationships supercede reward, but many golden relationships have been lost because of excessive craving for reward. Judas lost his relationship with his Master because of the monetary reward from the chief priests.

Many business relationships have been destroyed by avaricious attitudes. This attitude is drawing many backward while they are busy “fasting and praying” for progress. Their greed is the reason why their business is grounded, but they are busy going from one deliverance service to another. Put the people before the profit and you will never lack profit.

“Putting profits after people and products was magical at Ford.” (Don Peterson, Former CEO Ford, 1994).

Most successful companies today have this principle as their backdrop. They are ready to lose reward in order to preserve relationships. You can’t go far in life, if the contrary is your way of life. Put the people before the profit and you will never lack the profit. You cannot afford to lose your destiny like Judas in the hand of avarice.

“He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts (bribes) shall live.” (Prov. 15: 27). Emphasis mine.

Ruth, without a promise of reward preserved her relationship with Naomi. Orpah could not continue with the relationship because she felt there was nothing to gain from Naomi. Most people lose great reward when they despise certain relationships. Stop destroying relationships because of reward. Start preserving relationships because business is all about relationship.

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