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Rule over your spirit – Part 1


Rev. Emmanuel O.S. Okereke

Text: “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down without walls” -Prov. 25:28(NKJV)

Do permit me to commence by asking that you critically consider: what will become of life and living without control? Life will probably not be, as there should be ‘control’ to make life and living meaningful and worthwhile. Imagine the gravity and intensity of the commotion and panic that will be experienced, if an air plane on full flight, suddenly develops fault and the control buttons malfunction or the pilot, overtly or covertly, under some unfathomable influence, refuses to make use of the control buttons, or better still, an automobile at the height of acceleration, then the brakes suddenly fail and to make matters worse, the steering pulls off or locks.

The end of these two frightful and breath-taking scenarios described above, can only be better imagined than either witnessed or narrated. It will, of course, be a total disaster. Yet, so sadly and painfully too, many people are the exact illustrations portrayed above, as their lives are on a fast lane heading towards total destruction, in the full glare of their ‘watch.’

Man has little or no difficulty controlling his environment and the things found outside of him, yet he finds it difficult to control the things that are in the inside of him. Man has displayed great abilities in training and taming such wild animals as lion, cheetah, snake, monkeys, etc.

A pilot, notwithstanding how petite in size, sits at the cockpit of an airplane and controls the direction and the speed of that same airplane that has a large number of passengers on board. In the same vein, a driver dictates the speed and direction of his vehicle. But this same ‘man’ who has done these great exploits in the area of controlling things around him, displays gross inability and incompetence in the control of his own spirit. This singular, but most profound inability to rule over one’s spirit has sent so many people leaving their marriages, some other have lost their jobs and reputations due to lack of control over their spirit. Many Christians’ faith or salvation is questionable and on the brink of collapse, all as a result of inability to rule over their spirit.

However, you will definitely lose the grip of whatever is outside of you, if you fail to control what is inside of you. Some have lost opportunities that would have changed their lives and destinies and of those tied to them, due to the manifestation of lack of control. These, however, are what I call the little “FOXES” that spoil the vine and destinies of our lives. They are capable of bringing us down from any height we might have attained in our endeavours, no matter how lofty. Little wonder, Daniel turned down the King’s portion, so as to remain focused on the services of the LORD.

These little “foxes,” which we are to continuously and consciously focus upon, watch and guard against on a daily basis, in our thoughts, words and actions, are as follows: Appetite, Anger, Desire, Emotions, the Tongue and Attitude.

APPETITE: In Gen. 25:29-35, a man named Esau displayed inability to control his appetite over food, thereby paying with an expensive price, which is an irreparable loss – his birthright. What a pity! Most of us, today, are like Esau, who can easily let go of anything, as long as food is in sight and in the offering. A lot of people cannot say no to food, irrespective of where the food is coming from and this explains why they have eaten poisoned or contaminated food and condemnation to themselves. Food as a basic necessity is one of the entry channels into a man’s life, and the love of it, has produced men who not only got entangled in ‘place’ eating and drinking. But in the process, they have wrecked their happy homes, as a result of having illegitimate affairs, resulting in illegitimate children.

Rev. Emmanuel O. S. Okereke is the Founder/Presiding Bishop Of Divine Power Pentecostal Chapel Inc. Mechanic Village, Off Osolo Way, Behind Aswani Market, Isolo, Lagos.

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