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Seasoned with flavour!


Abimbola Ogundare

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?” (Matthew 5:13)

You have heard sometimes of the seasoned minister, seasoned educationist, seasoned speaker, seasoned this or that. The word “seasoned” is not referring to the period of manifestation, but those divinely endowed for outstanding influence. The church people are originally designed to make such impact, but the recent reality reveals we have drawn back from the norms.

Seasoned Salt
Christians are seasoned with virtues that can heal the decay, preserve the system and add quality value to the world. That is the essence of Christianity and purpose of the church. It’s saddening, today, that we are moving away from our essence. Gone are the days, when secular organisations sought their workforce and top officials from the church. Where do we miss it? Have we lost our flavour? How well are you making positive impacts in the market place as a Christian, or have you also joined the corrupt system?


Seasoned Shining-Light
The Christian community is known for carrying a life-light that can dispel darkness. But today, darkness is having a free ride around us. What disheartening news! Our light is known to bring confusion into the midst of darkness; because darkness doesn’t understand its operations. The peculiarity of our light is to snatch captives from the mighty, those far away in the region and shadow of death. But what has happened to our light? Is our light dimming off or placed under the bushel? Peradventure, the dark shade of our lifestyle is suppressing the real light within? Just thinking about the role of the Church of Jesus in the current world pandemic. Where is the light?

Seasoned Shadows
Just like Paul emphasised in Colossians 2, that some Old Testament practices are a shadow of things to come, the reality is found in Christ; we can also state that the current impact of the church is a shadow of her essence.

Can we long and strive for reality? Can we return to the narrow way and insist on expressing the light of Jesus?

Jesus, our perfect example, once called to mind the prophecy of Isaiah about those who sat in darkness; and in the region and shadow of death, He began to preach the gospel. (Matthew 4:13-17) I challenge you not to just preach the gospel, but to make an impact with your lifestyle. Don’t lose your flavour!

Rev Abimbola Ogundare, Pastor, Peaceway Baptist Church, Ikotun
12/14, Audu Street, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos State.


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