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Setting goals and reaching them


Pastor David Adeoye

Setting goals is like attempting to meet specific targets.
What you pursue and what pursues you are determinants of the goals you set. If you don’t set goals for yourself, you might not find it easy to succeed in life or have a sense of direction. In setting goals, you must have both short-term and long-term projections. The goals you set must also have these features:
• It Must Be Measurable
• It Must Be Reachable
• It Must Be With Deadline.

After setting your goals, there are prices you need to pay to help in the accomplishment of your goals. They are:
• Conviction: You need to be convinced that the goals you’re setting is a viable one because you are not likely to succeed if you’re not sure of what you’re going into.
• Courage (Josh.1:6): You need to have confidence in your goal, in yourself and in God so that you can easily achieve it. Your courage will make you tough in tough situations, as you pursue your goals. So, be bold enough to pursue your goals, until you reach them.

• Competence: You must know how to break your big goals into smaller goals for ease of accomplishment. Develop your skill so that you will find it easy to accomplish. Develop yourself to be equal to the task.

• Consistency: This keeps you focused and helps you to produce results. Keep doing what you have to do to succeed- Don’t give up. When you’re consistent in what you do, you’ll end up tasting success. Don’t lose passion for whatever you’re doing. Burn the bridge behind you, and keep your head straight. Avoid turning to the right or to the left.

• Character: A good name is better than silver or gold. Build a good name for yourself in order to have good success. Lasting success will be impossible without character. Remember that in any field you are, you will always have competitors who are looking out for your loopholes and finding ways of pushing you off the cliff of the market place. So, stand firm and build yourself up; build yourself a good reputation.

• Commitment: It takes commitment to keep pressing, especially when you’re not getting immediate results. Stop working only with your hands; get your heart involved in your work, because commitment is a thing of the heart. It is so easy to measure your commitment to your goals when you’re faced with challenges, crisis or criticism. Commitment doesn’t believe there is a “NO” in any circumstance. Commitment makes you much stronger when you’re faced with difficulties, while trying to reach your goals. Les Brown said, “Keep your commitment to your commitment.”

Sometimes our critics help us to reach our goals; don’t let criticism stop you from reaching your goals. Critics are positioned to keep us on our toes. They help us to burn midnight candles, in order to reach our goals. {Prov. 26:4-5}.
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