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Seven wisdom keys for upcoming businesses – Part 2


Pastor David Adeoye

Wisdom-key 3: Focus Your Energy On What Others Are Missing 

You must understand what the customers’ want that hasn’t been attended to and focus on them the best way you can.

When you are just starting, focus on the things that have juicy commercial value that others are missing.


You can’t afford going into the marketplace without any difference and expect to be easily noticed.

Common things do not catch attention like exceptional things.

You must standout in the marketplace, if you want to attain outstanding success.

You have to look out for the “Missing Grains” and go for them.

The “Missing Grains” are the things customers’ needs that others ignore or probably don’t see.

Once they have satisfactory commercial value, go for them.
“So Ruth went out to gather grain behind the harvesters….” Ruth 2:3b NLT.

What Ruth was doing is called Gleaning: picking the grains that dropped from the harvesters.

This strategy works for upcoming businesses and big businesses.


Don’t just start running everywhere- Carefully map out unreached territories.

If you restrict your thinking within conventional school of thought, you may miss tremendous opportunities.

How things are done can blind your inner eyes from seeing how things CAN be done.

You have to look beyond how things are done at the moment, knowing that nothing is in its perfect state yet.

You must be progressive in your thinking, knowing that there’re better ways of doing whatever has been done.

There are better ways of producing and packaging any product: Some people call this RE-INVENTION.

God will open your inner eyes to the “Missing Grains” in the marketplace and take your business to a higher level.

New business owners need to understand the current situation of the marketplace.


This will help them to understand the undiscovered needs of the customers; hence they’ll be well positioned.

When you capitalise on what others are missing in the marketplace, you’ll gain prominence with time.

As an upcoming business owner, target the needs of the customers that are not yet attended to.

Wal-mart started by servicing small communities that were being ignored by the large chain stores.

Today Wal-mart is the largest chain store of its kind in the world. Focusing on the “Missing Grains” leads to Greatness in the marketplace.
“The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.” Ps.118:22 NKJV.

The fact that a need has not been noticed, doesn’t mean it is not authentic.

There’re many unnoticed opportunities in the marketplace, and it takes thinking outside the box to see them.

Most “Missing Grains” are almost invisible to the traditional and conventional mind.


It takes the mind that can see through what has been done into what can be done, to discover the “Missing Grains”

It takes a creative mind to see what others are not seeing in the marketplace.

You must recognise and hold loosely those things that are popular, but are declining in momentum in the marketplace.

Don’t be so rigid to how things are done that you’re not flexible enough to how things ought to or could be done.

It’s time to invest more of your resources (money and time) into what others are missing in the marketplace.

Target the rejected “stones” that have the potential to be the “chief cornerstones” with time.


Stop trying to blend with what’s already common in the marketplace.

Start doing things differently and distinctively, so that you can make a difference in business.

Be the missing puzzle piece in the marketplace and you’ll soon take the front-roll.

I pray that God will lead and guide you to those hidden opportunities, and grant you uncommon Favour in the marketplace.

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To be continued

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