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Signpost to wealth creation – Part 2


Pastor David Adeoye

You will always meet people that have what you want, as you journey through life. When you meet such people, how do you treat them? Our Adamic nature has the tendency to envy such people. In the above scriptures, David met Jonathan and their hearts connected.

If David had envied Jonathan, they may not be able to have such productive relationship. How you feel around wealthy people can affect your financial future. Do you feel motivated or de-motivated?

You cannot have or become what you resent or despise. Those who do not appreciate other people’s success repel success without knowing it. They may be busy praying and fasting for wealth, but they need to overcome all their anti-prosperity characters.


You must develop yourself to be comfortable with other people’s success.

Nobody’s success is the reason for your failure. Some financially challenged people have the tendency to think the rich is their problem or enemy.

There is an old saying that goes: “Bless that which you want.”

The success story of others can be a source of motivation to you. Wise people use others’ success stories as a point of contact for their own breakthrough. My physics teacher in school used the success stories of his past students to motivate us to succeed. The richest black man in the world (Dangote) drew inspiration from the success stories of the Dantatas.

Many people end up becoming envious of their role model; hence; they rob themselves of success. You will never be able to learn adequately from the person you resent or envy. Queen Sheba admired King Solomon’s success and drew inspiration from his experience. (1 Kings 10:1-9).

“Rejoice with them that rejoice” Rom 12: 15

You will always attract whatever you celebrate and repel whatever you despise or envy. Stop being afraid of success or feeling you don’t belong in the company.

Be comfortable hanging out with those who have what you want without envy or resentment.

David, the shepherd boy, was comfortable hanging out with Jonathan, the prince. He was not envious of him; rather, his heart connected with Jonathan’s heart.

There connection/ relationship was not superficial, it was a thing of the heart. If David was envious of him, he may not celebrate his advice-hence King Saul would have caught up with him.

“He that walk with the wise shall be wise.” Proverbs 13:20.

Financial success is contagious, when you learn the wisdom behind their success. I pray the Lord will bring you into the company of those who have what you want and make you comfortable with them.

… To be continued.

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