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Signpost to wealth creation – Part 4


Pastor David Adeoye

But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: For it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth…” (Deut 8:18).

The Power Of Value-added Ideas
There is a common saying that, “ideas rule the world.” The ‘POWER’ in Deuteronomy 8:18 is talking about potential and ideas for wealth creation. The custodians of value-added ideas are market leaders everywhere in the world. When you start creating value, you start creating wealth because people pay for what they value. If they value it, they will pay for it and if they don’t value it, they won’t pay for it.

Finding ways to add value is a really important activity for every business. Adding value to your brand can help build a strong bond between your business and your customers.

Not just every idea is relevant in the market place, but only value-added ideas. Take note that as times change, what people value also changes. For instance, in the agricultural age, people valued land and polygamy. That was the age that some of the wealthiest people have the biggest farmland. In the industrial age, most wealthy people own oil refinery, steel mill, railroads, and automobile industries. The numbers of millionaires were few in the industrial age. Now, this is the information age, when people value information. The interesting thing in this age is that the barriers in wealth creation are minimum. In this age, having value-added ideas with a lot of economy sense is key.


People do not mind paying more than your competitors if they think they are getting something extra for that cash. If your products are innovative, creative and scarce they will pay the price it is worth. Your product will therefore be seen as more valuable.

Economy sense is about providing better product and services at a cheaper price. By this I mean, giving your client the feeling that they got more than the value for their money. For instance, the pharmaceutical companies are working hard to produce drugs that will serve as an alternative to surgery. People’s obsession for comfort and speed is at the increase in this information age. We now send more emails than we post letters because it saves us time and energy. Wise entrepreneurs are taking advantage of people’s obsession for comfort and speed. This is the age you must think creatively and pay attention to details. You must expose your mind to timely and relevant information. This can happen through reading, attending seminars, traveling and associating with creative people. The opportunity to join in this value added race is endless especially in this information age.

Value is profit forever.
I pray that God will make you a solution provider through value-added ideas in your generation in Jesus’ name.
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