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Soul: Ties, sex covenants, satanic coding and spirit spouses syndrome – Part 3


Rev. Theodore Effiong

When God wants to lift a person up, He will lead him or her into a godly soul tie. On the other hand, when Satan wants to bring a man down, he sponsors a person well loaded with evil spirits into the person’s life. Through one ungodly soul tie, all the good virtues in a life can be stripped and drained out.

Even in a godly soul tie between David and Jonathan, the resentment King Saul had for David began to rub off on Jonathan. Initially, the strong hatred Saul had for David resulted in his hurling his javelin at him in an attempt to pin him to the wall. Eventually, that hatred was transferred to Jonathan his own son. The father ended up casting exactly the same javelin no more at David but at Jonathan. 1 Samuel 18:11.

As you read on, you will see that apart from hurling his javelin at David, he repeatedly made attempts to take David’s life. However, ultimately because of a soul tie, what affected David began to affect Jonathan. 1 Samuel 20:30, 33.

Still on David and Jonathan, their bond was so strong that both parties found it difficult to make decisions, survive or be comfortable without the other. In fact, they experienced loss of appetite and unhappiness without each other’s presence. When Jonathan died, it was like a part of David had been severed and amputated. Loss of one’s soulmate can cause one to become an incomplete personality. Of course, you are aware in some marriages when one of the partner dies the other may soon die, this is especially so when the soul tie is strong.

Satan and his demonic agents use soul ties to cage men and remote control them. A life given to immorality will lead you to be soul tied to an unfriendly friend sooner or later. The Bible vehemently warns against getting entangled in ungodly soul ties. “Be ye not unequally YOKED (soul tied) together with unbelievers.” 2 Corinthians 6:14a. We see the negative result of such a soul tie that occurred between Dinah and Shechem. “AND HIS SOUL CLAVE unto Dinah the daughter of Jacob…THE SOUL OF MY SON Shechem longeth for your daughter, I pray you give her him to wife.” Genesis 34:3, 8. When you study what happened to Shechem, that soul tie led to his premature death. It also led to the death of his entire clan.

Samson was soul tied to Delilah that even when she told him clearly what she was out for, he lost the will to refuse her, Judges 16:6. Men become sexual slaves when there is a powerful soul tie. At such a point, such men do not care destroying everything they have ever worked for or believed in. There are many Christians, who like Samson, were once on fire for God. But through evil soul ties, they find themselves helpless and caged, sex slaves. They see the fire of God in their lives dying out, but are helpless to do otherwise. It would be a terrible thing to die soul tied as a sex slave on the laps of Delilah, yet still in active service of the Lord, like brother Samson.

Immoral soul ties fragment one’s soul. “Whoso committed adultery with a woman… destroyeth his own soul.” Proverbs 6:32. Sexual union cements the soul together of the two persons. By the time they separate from each other, their souls are torn apart. There is a fragmenting trauma that some young ladies and even some men cannot handle and go as far as committing suicide, because a part of them has been torn out.

When one is under a satanic soul tie, the following signs and indicators are noticed.
• Moral weakness and lack of resistance to sexual advances, especially to the one you are soul tied to.
• Animalistic tendency and strong desire for sex leading to rapist tendency, masturbation, fantasy.
• Strong influence, control and manipulation of the weaker vessel by the stronger one.
• Total or absolute submission to the leadership of the superior. Even to the point of handing over material wealth, properties and hard earned cash.

• Emptiness or vacuum created when the one is not available. Even to the point of becoming sick if the desire is not met.
• Strong jealousy, when you see another person coming to romance with or come into league with your soulmate.
• The breakdown of the marriage frame as demons will substitute and replace the original with the counterfeit.
8 “Rise and fall” Christian life with more on the falling than the rising, because of constant leakage of anointing due to the sin of immorality.

The Transfer Of Spirits
As we have seen, evil spirits can be transferred.
Wrong sex covenants, soul ties, and demonic coding all result in the transfer of spirits. Just as one can experience the transfer of the anointing and grace upon the life of a man of God by constant fellowshipping, sharing and submission to his ministry, so also are evil spirits transferred. Anointed men of God can give you their handkerchiefs to transfer the anointing on their life to you, and even their photographs can do same. In the demonic world, they use their properties as a legal ground to transfer evil spirits. Hence, all the properties and gifts of every sex partner must be done away with. Things like chains, necklaces, rings, pictures, clothes and other gifts. All of these must be destroyed.

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