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Stay focused you must succeed

By Anene Nwachukwu
16 December 2018   |   1:48 am
One of the reasons people fail in life is because they are not on the right path; they are not heading towards the right direction.

One of the reasons people fail in life is because they are not on the right path; they are not heading towards the right direction. If you want to succeed in life, you’ll have to follow people, who have succeed and look at what they did to make them successful, and then you’ll do likewise.

Jesus took His disciples on a journey, and the disciples saw Him walking on water. So, they became afraid and cried out in fear because they thought they had seen a ghost. But Jesus immediately said, “be of good cheer. It is I, do not be afraid.” Like Jesus, I’m saying to you, do not be afraid of negative circumstances. When your attention and focus is on Jesus, you’ll stand just as Jesus is standing. If you put your focus on what you are doing and ignore every distractions, you’ll get to your destination. Focused people don’t listen to side distractions or side attractions. Many people are not making progress because they left what they are supposed to do into imitating others. Imitation kills destiny.

The only person you are permitted to imitate is JESUS. Peter answered Jesus and said, Lord if it is you, command me to come to you on the water and Jesus said come, then peter walked on the water to meet Jesus. Peter walked on the water because his eyes were on the Jesus the Master. But the moment he took his attention off Jesus and started considering the circumstances, he began to sink. As children of God, we are not suppose to take our eyes off Him. If you want to be successful refuse every form of distractions, let your focus be on God.

Focused people are not distracted by happenings around them; they are focused on their destination. When you leave what you are supposed to be doing and starts doing something else you’ll be defeated. There’s always room for over taking for the one who is focused. When you see people doing all sort of wrong things, don’t join them, do something good because at the end there will be a separation. It is the end that justifies the matter. Don’t join your colleagues or business associates to do the wrong things because you are different.

It might be tempting but you must remain in your calling so that you can have a good success. Calling does not necessarily mean that you are a pastor, you might be called to be a teacher, an accountant, doctor or into business. In every field you find yourself, be good and remain focused because if you are not focus, you’ll live like a locust and locust is an insect. One of the things that kills destiny is listening to side talks. A focused man doesn’t listen to side distractions, he looks at his destination. And for you to have a good success, you must pass through different processes. If you want beauty and glory, you must have a story.

Never allow anybody talk you down in your humble beginning because you are heading somewhere. When you get to your destination people will celebrate you. Determination leads to success.

Peter said to Jesus, we have left all and followed you, Jesus answered and said to him “ no one has left all that he had for my sake and the gospel’s that will not receive in hundred fold now and in ages to come. Jesus will reward those that diligently seek Him. You will enjoy your reward on this earth and above all you shall inherit eternal life. If nobody believes in you don’t worry just believe in yourself. They might insult and backbite you, don’t be disturbed everyone has the right to talk. Remember you are bought with a price. Be careful of the kind of people you allow in your life and also the things you listen to. Remain focused, remain in your calling and whatever field you are working, make sure you render good services. God will maintain you and take you to your destination. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Let us remain focused on our God because he is the answer. God bless you.
Prophet Dr. Anene Nwachukwu
(Oracle of God). Rhema Deliverance Mission Int’l. Inc. 
Rhema International Prophetic Centre Lasu-Igando Road, Church Pole Bus Stop, Beside Iba Police Station, Iba, Lagos.

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