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Take away strange Gods


Having orchestrated the creation of man, there needs to be a blueprint on how we conduct ourselves to avoid the chaos that stems from a lawless society. Therefore, our father Moses met with God at Mount Sinai and returned with two tablets forged with fire that contained the commandments guiding the life of the Israelites, and by extension, all children of God. They were 10 in total, with number 1 clearly stating that, “You shalt have no god before me” (Exodus 20:3). It is an express order, prohibiting humans from keeping anything either physical or abstract, such that it, or they occupy a place of higher reckoning in our life than God.

This statement is borne from a place of affection rather than aggression. It was meant to instill His love in us instead of fear. God would rather we focus on loving Him alone, at all times than having secret affection for other gods. Like a caring Father Who provides all we need, He wants us to show appreciation through unwavering respect, love and worship.

God demands the respect that befits a Creator, a pioneer of life. He categorically declared He would not share His glory, whether with a living thing or inanimate object (Isaiah 42:8). If God has said these things, why then should we keep other gods? If God created us in His image, and gave us everything else to make life comfortable, even after Adam had sinned in the Garden of Eden, are we not supposed to give obeisance to Him alone?


All other gods are a creation of man, a product of man’s imagination and creativity. They are lifeless, useless, and temporary (Psalm 115:8). The Almighty Lord in heaven is the only One Who was before creation (Genesis 1:1), and will be after the end of it (Psalm 90:1-2, Psalm 100:5, Revelation 1:8).

It is worth noting that you can flout this commandment without necessarily paying homage to a graven image or an abstract feeling, but you are worshipping another god the moment you deliberately allow any other thing take your attention at the time you are supposed to be with God. As long as you obey the whims and desires of a feeling over God, you have already disobeyed this directive (Matthew 6:24). Simply put, anything that deprives you of spending quality time and to worship Him, has automatically assumed the position of a god in your life.

Watching a football match during church hours, merrymaking at the time of worship, obsession with material things, addiction to earthly pleasures— all these have been subconsciously elevated to god-like status in the life of many (Colossians 3: 5). Channeling God’s worship to other avenue is a thankless task, which only open doors to destruction (Psalm 16:4).

You’ll be doing yourself a world of good, if you worship God alone. Make God your priority, put Him in the forefront and continually enjoy His presence (Exodus 23:25-28, Job 36:11). Have a blessed week. God bless!
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