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Taking the lead in the market place


Pastor David Adeoye

Those who only strive to survive, and not to win, sometimes end up not surviving in the market place. Generally in life, people that make maximum impact are those who make conscious efforts to be on top. People who refuse to settle for the ëaverage.

You cannot become a leader in any field without deliberate and conscious effort on your part. Success is not by chance, but by choice, someone once said.†Every front-liner in the market place chose to be what they became.

Someone also said, If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Many people only wish to be front-liners; they need to know that it takes more than wishing. You must be willing to consciously ìWORKî yourself to the front, if you want to be a front-liner.


You have to make conscious efforts to stand out in the market place, if you want to be a market leader. If you blend with common trends, youíll get common results. When you keep doing just what everybody else is doing, youíll eventually get lost in the crowd.

The key to competitive advantage is uniqueness. Doing what you are doing in a different and inspiring way is a major key to success in business.

One of the most important decisions you need to make in order to gain prominence in the business world is to decide to be different. God wants you to stand out, so that you can attain outstanding success in all your endeavours. But you have to follow the principles in His Book. If you will indeed obey My voice and keep my covenant, then YOU SHALL BE A SPECIAL TREASURE to Me above all people (Ex.19: 5). You are the light of the world; a city set on the hill cannot be hidden,î (Matt.5: 14).

One of those principles that God wants you to follow is to be exceptional. Common things are most often uninteresting and whatever is not interesting in business cannot attract your clientsí interest. When your products, personnel, packaging, publicity, prices and places are exceptional and interesting, you will stand out in the market place.

At inception, exceptionality is seen as insanity. Most of those who despised CNNís all news programming at the inception are now rushing to mimic it. People will want to talk you out of whatever you are doing, especially if itís not within the boundaries of tradition.†

If your style is not seen as insanity at inception, then you are still operating within the dull prison of norms, and conventional wisdom. You cannot become one of the 21st†century market leaders, until you breakout of the cobweb of norms and traditions.

Anybody that wants to be on top in business must ask such questions as: How can we revolutionise our business? How can we rewrite our industrial rules? How do we surprise todayís customers? How can we completely baffle our competitors? The right answers to these questions will help you to be the city set upon the hill that cannot be hidden.

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and THERE ARE FEW WHO FIND IT.î (Matt.7: 13 -14).

Only a few people are found on the narrow path,†but these few are the exceptional people who lead their world. What the world celebrates today was seen as unrealistic yesterday. Exceptionality is self-advertised. You need to deliberately separate†yourself from the common trend, if you want to†become a market leader in this highly†competitive age.


After about twenty-five years, Bill Gates took the lead in the computer world and left behind some†other companies that had been in the business for 300-400 years. He came up with an exceptional†product at a relatively low price and took over the global computer market.

Stop settling down for only what is convenient for you; enter by the narrow gate, For wide is gate†and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go by it. Because narrow is†the way, which leads to life, there are few who finds itî (Matt.7: 13-14).

There are always many on the path of convenience, and only few people are found on the path of inconvenience. An average human being is obsessed with the ìeasy life,î and so cannot be outstanding (above average). Quit treading on the path of convenience!

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