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The arrows of the night


John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Night here refers not to the time of day, but a period of spiritual or physical sleep. It is a time when a man is not conscious of his environment and the activities taking place. Spiritual sleep could mean a state of backsliding or sin and it brings darkness and fear. Arrows prosper mostly in the dark. There are physical arrows, which can be seen with the naked eyes. As a little boy, I remember my father had some security guards who used Bow and Arrows. The arrows usually had poison tips, which are often responsible for the death of the victim. There are also spiritual arrows, which cannot be seen with the physical eyes. It is important for us to know some facts about arrows. The first of them all is that when arrows are fired, they have the capacity to cause injury, death or incapacitate the target. Some people wake up with one sickness or the other, such as stroke as a result of this. I pray for you, “May God return such arrows back to sender in Jesus’ name”.

Secondly, spiritual arrows are invisible attacks from the kingdom of darkness to a specific person or target, which includes your business, marriage or career. The third fact is that oftentimes, the enemies use the cover of darkness to attack their victims. That is a time of spiritual slumber. Fourthly, arrows fired, usually contain poison that causes death to the victim. This explains the mystery of a person gradually drying up. Job said the poisons drink up his spirit (Job 6:4). At this time, Job was oblivious of the fact that Satan, not God, was responsible for his predicament. He used the spirit of Leviathan, a marine principality, to fire the night arrows at Job causing him terror (Job 41:1-34). The fifth fact is that spiritual arrows are like missiles programmed and fired at a target. They use modern technology and never miss their victim or target.


There are three things that happen to a man, when arrows are fired at him. The arrows can penetrate the person to cause harm. Secondly, the arrow when fired can hit a wall and fall down because there is a hedge around the target. The third thing is that, if the target victim carries some level of God’s anointing and fire, then the programming changes and the arrow goes back to attack its sender. I pray for you today, anyone firing arrows of insanity, sickness, untimely death or confusion to you, “May they receive it back in seven folds in Jesus’ name.” We can identify three types of arrows based on their operation and manifestations. The first of them are the floating arrows. They are like missiles fired at a target and can keep floating, following a man for over ten years until it finds an appropriate time to penetrate to its victim. Such time could be when you fall into sin or make a mistake. They are like flying curses (Zech. 5:1-3) waiting to take effect.

That is why you need to be careful, as you go about your daily activities. Depart from evil and live a holy life. Another type of arrows is instantaneous arrow. They manifest immediately they are fired. In 2 Kg. 4:18-20, we see such arrows manifesting as untimely death in the life of an innocent child. There was no trace of any previous sickness in this child. Such arrows come like a deadly poison and take over the victim before the thought or arrival of a helper. When it comes, you feel a sudden change in your system, which you barely have time to understand or explain. “I pray for you, may every such arrows jump out of your body by fire and may they locate their senders in Jesus’ name.”
Rev.John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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