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The benefits of networking


Pastor David Adeoye

The story of Jonathan and David is a very common one but it is also unique in the sense that it is the closest and deepest friendship between people of same sex. They are friends in the soul realm; they are spiritually networked.

Their friendship was a costly one because each of them would have at one time or the other, paid the price of building a strong network that made them who they were {2 Sam.1:23}.

True partnership is stronger than a lion and true friendship is swifter than the eagle. If you want to move fast in all that you do, you need to be properly networked so that your speed and strength will be increased and your struggle would be reduced.

The strongest connection in life is the soul connection. Jonathan was a prince, yet he was attracted to David and the two of them got to be best of friends. Even when their friendship was tested, their love for each other did not die.

Networking in the context of this chapter is when two or more people are inter-connected for mutual relationship. Your ability to network with the right people will determine the speed of your success in life.

If you’re networked with the wrong set of people, you will be lonely and it might be difficult for you to get successful on time.

If you’re not well networked, your hard work can bring you into hard life. You need to understand that God instituted networking and He expects you to be properly networked – with the right people at the right time so that doors of opportunities can be opened to you {Eccl.4:9-12}.

“You have 75% chance of succeeding when you’re with the right set of people” – Zig Ziglar.

After networking, it is also important to know how to manage the WORK in the networking. Nobody can be alone or achieve success alone. Don’t be self-absorbed that you end up a failure or a frustrated being {Gen.2:18a}.

Even God networked with men {2Chro.20:7; James 2:23}. Things don’t work when you’re alone because you can’t see everywhere by yourself; you need to get people who can watch things for you.

Networking with the wrong set of people makes things wrong. Don’t build any shell around yourself. Explore different levels of friendship so that you would know, which will benefit you. Learn how to manage other people’s differences and how to relate well with other people.

Proper networking won’t happen outside God. If you’re alone without any good relationship, you need to check yourself up.

God is interested in giving you friends that can manage success, friends that can help you succeed, friend that would never work out your downfall but you can only help Him accomplish this when you desire such. Many are working like elephants and eating like ants because of bad network.

Wisdom is not only gotten through the books you read, it is also gotten from the relationships you build {Prov. 13:20; 17:17}. Friendship is meant for wisdom impartation.

You need to be networked with the people who respect you and respect what you respect and not with people who don’t value what you esteem.

People who show you more of your flaws than your potentials are not worthy of your network. Networking is meant for complementing {Prov.27:17}.

You also need to network with people who have their eyes on what you know and not on what you have; people with keenness for your wisdom and not your wealth; people who value what you’ve learnt and not what you earn. Network with those who have the things you need but lack.

God does not bring people together for competition but for complement. Locate the people that best complement you and your success will be outstanding {Ps.133:1}.

Be well networked so that you won’t struggle much to be accepted {Eccl.10:15}.
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