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The day a pastor commanded a bishop to kneel down for blessings


Wale Oke

Wale Oke

True, honest and selfless service never goes unrewarded, as even the Holy Bible states pointedly that: “Seest thou a man diligent in his service, he shall stand before kings, and not before mere men.” And so it was on Sunday September 4, 2016, at a special service, held to commemorate the 60th birthday anniversary of the President of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries and presiding bishop of Christ Life Church, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, who appeared before the Lord, to give thanks for His mercies and blessings that he has been privileged to enjoy bountifully in his long walk with Him, spanning about four decades.

It was also an occasion to celebrate God for the ability to pilot the Sword of the Spirit Ministries to found a new university: The Precious Cornerstone University, whose seed was unconsciously sown by his dear wife, Rev. Victoria Olatokunbo Oke, who gave out a then prized possession of a piece of land situated opposite the Oyo State Government Secretariat, Ibadan. Her family had intended to use the land as their first private residential building, but gave the property to God for the use of His kingdom on earth. That same day, the bishop also sowed his Mercedes Benz car for kingdom service.

Not One to forget his stipulated principle of sowing and reaping, the Creator remembered this act of benevolence by Revd. Mrs. Victoria Oke about 10 years later, and repaid the Okes with the acquisition of a huge expanse of land along the Ibadan-Lagos expressway that today serves as the permanent site of the Precious Cornerstone University. The spiritual principle stipulates that God rewards a sower to the tune of a hundred-fold of what the sower gives; but could be more, subject to the decision of the Unquestionable God.

The September 4 ceremony was one that will linger for long in the memories of thousands of worshippers, who converged on the Olaogun headquarters of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries to rejoice with Bishop Wale Oke, his nuclear family, and the Christ Life Church family on the attainment of the memorable milestones. The ceremony had in attendance Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, GCON, Deputy Governor Alake Adeyemo of Oyo State, former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun State, the Olubadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji and several other dignitaries.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was real and felt by thousands of worshippers, who experienced the move and God’s glory. Daddy GO, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, a vessel of the Lord, who carries great grace, combined with immeasurable and unquantifiable meekness, humility, and simplicity, and the spiritual father of “the birthday bishop,” was in attendance to honour and bless his spiritual son.

And it was a day for the breaking of protocols, as is permitted in spiritual settings at which spiritual authority is respected. God Almighty Himself does remove protocols to do the seemingly impossible. Two classic examples would suffice. Remember that biblical Joseph was, by the hand of God, appointed the prime minister of Egypt, the then most powerful nation on earth without any poster, no electioneering campaign, and no electronic media announcement. David was also named the king of Israel by God, Who bye-passed his brothers and also set aside the choice of Prophet Samuel, who was assigned to anoint a new king for Israel.

Incidentally, Bishop Oke himself was the first to break protocol, by introducing Pastor Enoch Adeboye to the cheering crowd, before acknowledging the presence of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN. I feel very sure that Prof. Osinbajo would have protested had Bishop Oke chosen to announce his presence before acknowledging the presence of Pastor Adeboye – his spiritual father from whom the Vice President has tapped abundant grace and anointing, and under whom he serves as a Minister of God. Nobody was in doubt that Wale Oke did the right thing. Even in heaven, there is order and there is precedence.

One of the characteristics of church leaders is the ability to control their temper. A church leader should ideally be composed and maintain a temper that is not short-fused. Humility is another trait, as the Holy Bible detests the proud. Three days before the Sunday event, I had engaged someone in a discussion that Bishop Wale Oke, our spiritual father would be called out, asked to kneel before our spiritual grand-father, Pastor Adeboye, and be blessed. And I attested to the fact that Bishop Wale Oke is a great respecter of spiritual authority, having related closely with him for over 20 years. I related my experiences of having been privileged to see Bishop Wale Oke prostrate himself to Pastor Adeboye in January 2003, at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, when we staged the first edition of the ‘Nigeria Turning Point Prayer Programme.’ I have also watched him similarly prostrate himself before Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, whom he fondly identifies as his in-law and an apostle par excellence; a solid, impeccable and thorough man of God, a man of solid integrity, who is so well versed in the Scriptures. No wonder, God’s soldiers, ‘Field Marshal’ W.F. Kumuyi and ‘Field Marshal’ Enoch Adeboye are always happy to witness epochal events in the life of ‘General’ Wale Oke, whom they brought up.

And so it happened that Bishop Wale Oke knew how best to receive more spiritual blessings. In acknowledgement of God’s grace upon the life of Pastor Adeboye, together with members of his family knelt before the revered head of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and received eternal blessings that would be honoured by God. Bishop Wale Oke knows how heavy that spiritual deposit by Pastor Adeboye is.  Elisha, the great prophet requested for a double portion of God’s Spirit deposited in Elijah, his master. In the same vein, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has coveted at the same time, the anointing of Elijah, Elisha, Paul, Peter and John, in addition to a double portion of the anointing of our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ! May be Bishop Wale Oke would have asked for a double portion of what Baba Adeboye is coveting, which the great man of God considers “Good trouble,” when God reminded him about the challenges that go with the acquisition of enormous spiritual powers!

It was a day of testimonies, reminiscences, and words of knowledge that flowed in torrents. Without any doubt, Baba Adeboye was proud of his son – Bishop Wale Oke, whom he describes as an evangelist and great prophet of God. Like Adeboye, Wale Oke has come a long way, navigating the terrain of acute poverty and other vicissitudes of life, which, however, never prevented him from achieving his set goals. Pastor Adeboye traced the ecclesiastic journey.

In 1979, Bishop Wale Oke joined the Redeemers Crusade at Abusi-Edumare Academy, Ijebu-Igbo, where the power of God moved mightily. That day, Brother Wale Oke made a lasting impression on Pastor Adeboye with a prophecy he delivered to the pastor titled: ‘A Vessel Unto Honour.’ Pastor Adeboye described Wale Oke as a man of God with a sharp unction for accurate prophecies. From that prophecy of 1979, Pastor Adeboye has applied his education as a mathematician to extract 28 points out of which 27 have come to accurate fulfilment.

The Lord had spoken to Wale Oke about His plan to use the bishop for exploits, with a divine promise that: “I will meet you here in Nigeria and move greatly, and I will do great and mighty things that would be so great that people will gather from afar and come to see the goodness of the Lord in Nigeria and I will cause my goodness to flow from it to other lands.” Pastor Adeboye revealed that occasionally, he calls Bishop Wale Oke to inquire what his God is telling him on different matters, and his spiritual son has never disappointed him by disclosing the mind of God.

When God Says No
Characteristically, Pastor Adeboye lectured the congregation on how God works in terms of answering prayers. Of course, He reserves the right to answer or not. Although God’s Word never fails, yet it is possible to pray, based on scriptures and not get the desired answer. In the 70s, he used to go for retreats with some Bible study leaders at a youth camp that obviously was the most promising, conducive and serene Christian camp ground in Nigeria then. With over 40 acres of land, the camp was endowed with a smooth flowing stream and beautiful scenery that adequately provided comfort to users. When they heard that it was out for sale for N100, 000, Pastor Adeboye’s team converged on the land to pray, taking possession by faith. They quoted relevant scriptures, did prayer walks on bare feet and claimed the land for their use. They were so poor that they could not afford N1, 000. But in spite of all the prayers and effort that went into it, says Adeboye, “We lost the land to another church that acquired and paid for it without stress. Boy, we were disappointed, discouraged and cast down! Unknown to us, God had other plans-even better than what we desired.

According to James 4:3, we were asking amiss. About five years later, the Lord expressly led us to our current campground. We bought it amidst tears of joy and gratitude. It was then it dawned on me that when God said ‘No’ to our earlier request, it was because He had something better in store for us. It is not every time God’s ‘No’ means ‘nothing for you.’ It could mean ‘this is not good enough. Wait until I take you to yours’. Have you been trusting God for a particular blessing for so long? You have prayed, confessed the word, stood on His promises and released your faith, yet it appears God is not hearing? Be not discouraged! God is interested in that request, but it could be that what you are crying your eyes out for is not as good as what He has in mind for you. This is one reason you should be totally yielded to His will. Are you bent on marrying that brother or sister and God appears silent on your request? He may have someone better for you!
Femi Adelegan, who contributed this piece from Abuja, is an ordained leader in the Sword of the Spirit Ministries.

Ask God to help you never to pressurise Him to the point of giving you something below His best. Anytime your desire is below God’s provision, receive a ‘No’ for an answer. That is when ‘No’ is okay”.

This narration shows clearly that even when you are in God’s will and walking in total obedience to God, you can still run into problems. Some believers, says Adeboye, “Have had doubts, if God was still in something they started within God’s will because of the challenges they faced on the way. Unfortunately, some have backed out of God’s will, assignment or instruction, because of such problems. You must expect Satan’s challenge, whenever you set out to do God’s will.

Pastor Adeboye says he also has his own challenges occasionally, because he is not immune to challenges, as a human being. “In fact, if you never get such a challenge or opposition over the particular project or mission, it is doubtful if God is in it. The more important it is to God, the more Satan will attack it with every weapon at his disposal. God gauges temperament and to what use those to whom He gives spiritual power to would put it to be able to check possible abuses and excesses.

“When Heaven opens to you, there will be examinations. You will be tested on what you have been taught so far. The examination must come, because without it, there will be no promotion. God will not release power to you without making sure the power will not be misused or abused.”

Today, Wale Oke has a standing team that intercedes for Nigeria and its leaders round the clock in Abuja, in obedience to God’s dictates.  Since the dramatic move of the Holy Spirit led to the establishment of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Bishop Wale Oke has demonstrated a high penchant for evangelism under his ministry’s “Rescuing the Perishing Programme” for the salvation of millions of souls that are hell-bound. Every so often, Bishop Oke has been under the instructions of the Holy Spirit to go forth and proclaim the Jubilee, in the same way that Biblical Phillip was instructed to act during his visit to Samaria to set people free from bondages and announce the plan of God for liberty, healing, promotion and blessings.

It occurred again today as God moved, with the Holy Spirit revealing words of knowledge in torrents through Bishop Wale Oke at the close of the Year 2016 yearly Convention of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries. There were prophetic utterances confirming the power and grace of Jesus Christ, accompanied by glorious singing and praises to the Most High God. The prophetic word the Lord gave Bishop Wale Oke for Nigeria in 2003 was: “I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day” Zech 3:9. One of Wale Oke’s beliefs is that it is time for the church to begin to walk in dominion, as it should.

“It is time for the church to continue to take back what the enemy has stolen. It is time for the church to take its proper place, possessing its possessions, and begin to fulfil God’s plans and purposes on earth.”

This writer has been fortunate to have travelled with the bishop a few times in the same car. On an occasion in 2002, while approaching the Redemption Camp, Mowe, from Lagos, Bishop Wale Oke looked back and said: “Just look at the vast expanse of land already acquired, but God is telling me we haven’t seen anything yet concerning His plan for the expansion of the RCCG Camp.” He later shared this message with Daddy G.O. Fourteen years later; the newly constructed RCCG Camp auditorium is sitting on an area of 2,000 acres of land. And Baba Adeboye says God has not finished with His agenda! What God is doing through the church in Nigeria today clearly supports the prophecy that God has a plan to use Nigeria for His end-time agenda, and that the dry bones of Nigeria will rise again. Onward Christian soldiers.Femi Adelegan, who contributed this piece from Abuja, is an ordained leader in the Sword of the Spirit Ministries.

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