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The evil blood collectors – Part 1

By John Okene
20 September 2020   |   2:45 am
Our Bible text tells us the relationship between a prey and the predator just like an antelope that willfully wandered into the territory of a lion.

John Okene

Our Bible text tells us the relationship between a prey and the predator just like an antelope that willfully wandered into the territory of a lion. Such is the case of a lawful captive but God says no matter how mighty a predator is or the circumstance under which its prey was captured, the prey can still be delivered. The capacity of our enemies or the danger we find ourselves can never surpass our God because he is the Almighty. God said that he will contend with your enemies, not only for you but to deliver your children.

We also see from our text that the primary agenda of the mighty in the life of a man is to eat up his flesh and drink his blood but God says he will turn the tide around for your sake and instead, they will eat their own flesh and drink their own blood. What this means in effect is that God will stir up confusion in their midst so that they fight themselves and He will give you the victory. Psa. 27:1-2 says they will stumble and fall. It is important that we know who these enemies are. They are principalities that come to collect the blood of men and they can manifest in different ways.

Firstly, they can be ancestral or idol powers crying for blood in a family. A man confessed that his idol had killed all his children and was asking for more blood yet he could not stop serving it. I pray for you that any idol crying for your blood will receive the blood of Jesus. Secondly, they are witchcraft practitioners whose sole aim is to drink the blood of men. A family woke up one morning and saw drops of blood on the floor which was traced to their daughter’s room. It wasn’t long after that the young girl fell sick and was diagnosed of acute blood shortage. She was given four pints of blood for two consecutive days but eventually she died mysteriously. The evil powers had programmed a satanic pipe to drain the blood out of her.

Barely six months later, they observed the same drops of blood in the house and this time traced to the door step of their son’s room. The lad fell sick of the same blood shortage. Blood transfusion was done and five days later he fell sick again. This occurred intermittently for one week until he was brought to me. When they narrated their experiences with their late daughter and now the son, I immediately understood that it was the ministry of witchcraft practitioners. I prayed for him and by the grace and power of God he was delivered. I pray for you too that every witchcraft pipe used to collect blood from you will scatter in Jesus name.

Another group of the evil blood collectors are the marine witchcraft powers. This is different from and more deadly than the common witchcraft in their operation. A nine-year-old boy was dragged to me by the mother. He confessed that he had been admiring the flesh of his mother for meat in the coven. He also asserted that he was more powerful than his six-year-old sister who was possessed of the common witchcraft. His mother was scared to death as she listened to her little but mighty son speak. May you not have children that will be used by the devil to kill you.

Prayer points
• Every evil blood collector assigned against me, die in Jesus name!
• Father, whosoever wants to use my children against me, may the ground open and swallow them in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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