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The evil watchers

By John Okene
03 November 2019   |   4:13 am
A watcher is defined as a close observer, who observes what is happening and takes details. It could also be someone or power ordained to monitor you in order to get information about you.


A watcher is defined as a close observer, who observes what is happening and takes details. It could also be someone or power ordained to monitor you in order to get information about you. Evil watchers are powers, gadgets or an individual that has been assigned to monitor people. As seen in the case of hired assassins, they don’t just storm into their victim’s residence. They set up surveillance and monitor the victim’s moves in order to target their vulnerable spot before striking.

In Mark 11:1-5, Jesus sent His disciples to Bethany to fetch a donkey that was tied. When they got there, they loosened the donkey but unknown to them, someone was watching. The watcher challenged and demanded to know who sent them to loosen the donkey, and they affirmed that Jesus had need of it. The watcher was there to ensure that the donkey never left that spot and to keep it in bondage. The donkey gained its freedom by being taken to Jerusalem and decorated for Jesus’ use.

I pray for you, wherever you have been rejected and abandoned, you will be celebrated in Jesus name.Below are the reasons the evil watchers watch their victims. Firstly, it is to gather information concerning you in order to be familiar with your activities. Another reason is to prevent its victim from escaping from captivity. When they capture a man, they send someone to monitor him, so that he will not get his deliverance. This is the reason some people can’t move forward in life. Again, the watchers do this to prevent one from accessing his breakthrough or benefits. When you are close to getting your miracle, these powers will go and block it. They do this also to repair or reinforce the bondage. When they see that you have gotten your deliverance, they will push you to commit such sins as fornication, masturbation and pornography, among others, so that they can reinforce the bondage in your life.

Who are these evil watchers? These watchers could be a person assigned to gather information about you. It could be somebody close to you and when you discuss with him, he takes the information and gives it to them in the coven. The devil and his cohorts need information to strike. Without information, they can do nothing; hence they find ways to always get information from you, by sending a spy to you for information. The watchers could also be a monitoring or familiar spirit or demon assigned to monitor your daily activities and also to supervise a curse in your life to see to it that the curse materialises in your life. Again, the watchers could be animals assigned against you in the spirit realm that sometimes manifest in the physical. The animal could be a dog, snake, bird, etc. and you always see it in your dream watching you or in the physical following you. Device/gadgets like CCTV, mirror or bowl of water could be used to monitor someone. The use of mirror is called crystallomancy and is a form of divination in which they use mirror to monitor you. They will call your name and when you appear, they begin to monitor you via it. The use of a bowl of water (hydromancy) is a form of divination in which water is placed in a bowl and they look at the person’s life and dictate what they want to happen to the person. Spiritual marks could also be placed on their victims to identify and monitor them.

The following are signs to show you are under the siege of the evil watchers. If you always have a strong feeling that someone or an invisible being is watching you. Whenever you close your eyes and you see two eyes watching you. When you discover that there is a particular animal that is always around you. When you always see a dwarf-like creature when you are about to get up or while getting intimate with your spouse. When you are pregnant and you discover that someone comes to show you a red object or something that causes you to have a miscarriage, it shows that you are being watched. When things are constantly moving in your ceiling. When someone comes to press you in your sleep/dream. When you suffer constant disappointments at the edge of your breakthrough. If things are missing in your house mysteriously. When you heard your name being called by an unknown person especially at night. If you always hear footsteps by your door/windows and when you open it, you can’t find anyone there. If you wake up and see bloodstains in your house.
In order to deal with the evil watchers, you must be born again, live a holy life, get knowledge and engage in fasting and warfare prayer.
Rev. John Okene
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