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The fear of God


Apostle Paul Taiwo Adenuga

The world today lives in evil, fear, sorrow and unhappiness. People work hard by doing different types of jobs, earn money but still uncomfortable. The world is turning upside down and all these sorrow started in the book of Genesis.

There’s something we have removed from our daily living, deeds, education, marriage; which is THE FEAR OF GOD. The scariest to me, are the servants of God who present God to people as if God and men are mates. This is killing and taking away the fear of God from the world. The fear of God has been removed from most of our preaching on Radio, TV, publications, seminars and conferences that are organised/done in the name of Lord. This has affected many people causing them not to see God as the God that should be feared.


In the book of Genesis 3:1-5, when God created the first man, Adam; he was so loved by God. God didn’t want him to struggle for anything. But the fall of man began when God told Adam, he could eat of all the fruits except one, in which he was warned not to either touch or eat from, lest he dies. If we take a look at the phrase, “Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it,” that’s the word of God warning them of the consequence of disobedience to His instruction, which is Death; that’s the fear of God.

Furthermore, when Satan came into the garden of Eden; he took away the fear and hardened the heart of Adam; telling him he will not die that God’s not a tough God, he’s a merciful God and that they will not die and all that God said are mere words. The same method the Devil used in killing the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden, that’s the same method he’s using in our generation.

Many Pastors, Apostles, General Overseers, Revivalists today are taking God for granted by hardening the heart of people by removing the fear of God away from their lives. We have prevented our Politicians from knowing who God truly is and what He can do both positively and negatively. We tell them that we are praying for them and that God will give them long life. Long life in Corruption, in lying, in killing? Can we see how the name of God has been used in damaging people’s life?


Things have gone bad up to the point that our biological children don’t know who God is; they fear the liquid poison that can kill them more than God who can do all things. This is because of the way God has been presented to them.
Truly, God is the God of love. But let people be aware of what God doesn’t want and what He does when He’s angry. He can forgive and decide not to. He’s a jealous God. Remember Jesus remains the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). When you follow the footsteps of Jesus, you don’t neglect the fear of God. But if you’re fed with fake and deceit messages, God will be presented to you as if you’re mates. These are fake messages Flee from such; it poisons your soul and leads to eternal damnation. These men of God present themselves to you and not God. They tell you they have Authority, they can move mountains, but when they want to present God; they tell you God is a merciful God. They are prophet of doom; desist from such Prophets. It shall be well with your soul.

Apostle Paul Taiwo Adenuga, 203, Idimu Egbeda Road, Faith Bus Stop, Idimu, Lagos. 08033316926

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