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The hour has come for true worshipers – Part 3


Beloved, the time is fulfilled; we must wake from the slumber of backsliding and absolutely surrender to Jesus Christ now that grace abounds. We should no longer joke with our salvation, for this is the acceptable time to repent from sin because nothing, but an obstinate perseverance in sin and impenitence can keep any soul out of His grace.

Believers who have joined the bandwagon of corrupt people of the world because they want to make it are doing exactly what the unbelievers are doing and attributing their new backsliding life to economic problems, famine, social disequilibrium, etc. If you are like that, you need to take stock and repent now, because you can’t enter heaven with such attitude. And if you remain adamant and die, you should be assured your eternity would be sorrowful. 

Many believers, having deviated from the faith, are now serving God in their own way, in iniquity, doing what pleases them and not what pleases God. They choose the word of God to obey and those to be obeyed in their own way. But I want to let you know that if you claim to be a believer and refused to abide by the totality of God’s Word, let it be known that you are going to be judged by the same Word, which is the standard with which everyone will be judged. The Bible says heaven and earth shall pass away, but the word of God shall never pass away. And the Bible made us to understand that this Scripture must be fulfilled. And so, if you’re among those living their Christian lifestyle anyhow because of the things of this world, you’re dwelling in iniquity and are not qualified for rapture or heaven. That is the more reason you must do something before it’s too late.


If you are believing there’s no way out of corruption, out of Sin and you are thinking everybody is involved, I want to tell you that not all are involved, your imagination is false, because the Chosen ones are not involved. We preach against evil and daily draw brethren’s attention to the fact that it is important that they separate from the world, from the things of the world and live their lives in accordance with God’s Will. Today, we are telling you not to get involved and if you find yourself in them, you should quickly repent and run away from that evil. Never consent to the idea that everybody is a sinner and thus hell-bound. I want to let you know that genuine believers are not, for the Children of God are not sinners. A sinner is not a Christian and a Christian is not a sinner. That you are a sinner shouldn’t make you conclude that everybody is like you. The Lord’s Commandment is that you should be holy, ‘for I thy God am holy’ and this is the standard.  

God does not welcome those that worship Him in sin because He doesn’t tolerate sin. God does not accept such; rather He seeks those that will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. That’s why believers are called the Chosen – people that fear, obey God and live right. 

John 4:21-24 says, “Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. 22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. 23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. 24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

God is holy, righteous and He cannot dwell with an unrighteous person, a sinner. He is looking for those who are converted, not just convicted or convinced, but those who are genuinely born again, who have handed over their lives to God and are now living their live on whatever God says. Whatsoever God says, that they do without asking questions because He is their Father, and they must thus obey in every aspect of their lives. These are the people God is looking for to worship Him.

There are many prayer houses/churches that are clapping hands and claiming they are worshipping God, but how many of them are born again? How many of them are living right?


God is not looking for people calling upon Him and not doing His Will. The people He seeks to worship Him are those who are spiritually and genuinely converted, who observe absolute holiness in the open and secret, who have rejected earthly ambition and have set their focus on making Heaven at last. These are the people the Bible says God seeks to worship Him.

And when we talk about holy people, we are not referring to people who falsely lay claim to being born again, without obedience to the totality of God’s Word. God is holy and doesn’t behold evil nor work with evil people. 

1Pet 1:15 “But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation.”
God has chosen and called us into holiness and is demanding that you should be holy in every area of your life, not excluding your thoughts, conducts, disposition, action, and comportment. And so, you must be holy, if you want to be among those that want to worship Him. If you must worship Him, you must be holy, pure, covered with the blood of Jesus, sanctified and daily maintaining purity of life. God will inhabit their praises, for He is looking for such people to worship Him.

1Pet 1: 16 states, “Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.”
Here, God emphasises the importance of holiness. He is holy and wants all who want to worship Him to be holy in all manner of conversation. There shall be no compromise, regardless of the situation, the place and time. You must not be found in the midst of sinners and still be comfortable enjoying their company because the Spirit in you is the Spirit of holiness.

Heb. 12: 14 says, “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no eye shall see the Lord.”
If you must come to the Lord, you must make peace with one another, because if there is no peace among you, you can’t be holy. Also, there will be no peace, if there is no forgiveness. Everyone should ensure that from today, he/she lives up to God’s expectation.


And My Sorrow Was Turned To Joy
MY name is Solomon (surname withheld). I hail from Kogi State and I am the last child of my mother, who had 12 children. I got married to my wife few years ago. It happened that before then, I was deep into fornication and adultery, and never considered it a sin. All the girlfriends (sin partners) I encountered never complained of anything because I was performing beyond average. Some of them who later got married even confessed to me their husbands were not giving them the same satisfaction as I was.

Initially after getting married, my wife used to praise me for good performance, but a day came that I wanted to meet with her and my manhood suddenly decided to embarrass and put itself to shame by refusing to erect. Initially, I thought my emotion was playing pranks on me, I didn’t know that was the beginning of my sorrow. All efforts to arouse myself proved abortive. It was like darkness enveloped my life. In fact, I wish the ground would open and swallow me that day. The subsequent days were not different, as the ugly experience continued.

At this juncture, when my wife presumed the problem was not going to abate, she felt very bad and threatened to go back to her parents, if the situation remained the same. However, I pleaded with her to bear with me, bearing in mind that there is nothing impossible for God to do. She believed me and we started seeking for solution together. The solution took us to many prayer houses, sorcerers and different native doctors, who prescribed all kinds of solutions but none brought the needed therapy. Some of the times, we were hoodwinked, but since we didn’t know where deliverance would come from, we continued to fall prey to their gimmicks.

They asked me to buy goat, fowl and cow, among others. I bought all, but declined to buy cow because I could not afford it. Yet, after spending all the money, there was no solution. They even gave me some concoction to drink and some other medicine to chew, but they didn’t work. There was a day I was asked to take home a bottle of such concoction and when I brought it to the house, my wife chased me and ordered me to return it. So, I carried it back to the sorcerer. In fact, I was desperate to get solution and was running from pillar to post. Meanwhile, as there was no solution, there was therefore no need to tempt her again since the thing could not erect. And that was the case for nine months, though she tried severally to arouse me, but to no avail, as my manhood bluntly refused to understand the body communication.


Some of the places I went in search of solution were kept secret from friends and relatives because I wanted to avoid stigmatisation. I was suffering in silence, until someone invited me to The Lord’s Chosen Church during the crusade titled, ‘FROM SORROW TO JOY,’ held at the Lagos headquarters. It was there that my sorrow was turned to joy.

As I arrived the crusade ground and saw a mammoth crowd of participants, the first thing that came to my mind was that the multitude would not come there, if nothing was happening. So, I prayed that God that brought these people should not pass me by, when He comes to distribute blessings. During deliverance ministration, the man of God by prophetic utterances mentioned my case and said, “that young man suffering from erectile dysfunction should cry no more because he is healed.” Immediately, there was a sensation all over my body and lo and behold, my manhood came back to life and became charged. All efforts to control it was in vain, as it continued to push my trouser. I just managed to stay in one place until the crusade ended. Promptly at the end of that first day, I headed home to meet my wife.

When I got home, before she started asking why I returned earlier than expected, I took her to bedroom. But she was reluctant to follow me because she didn’t want to be aroused and dumped as usual. But I assured her not to worry because this time, I came with anointing from God of Chosen that breaks all yokes. And the moment we entered the room, she saw clearly there was a difference and confessed that God of Chosen is Baba. She became pregnant immediately after that and has delivered a bouncing baby boy.
God of Chosen is real. He not only grants salvation, but He also answers prayers and delivers people from all problems.


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