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The insecure woman


Charles Ighele

One of the major ways the devil uses society to derail young girls and ladies is by showing pictures of what a successful woman should look like.

Look through the front pages of magazines, turn on your television set or browse through the Internet and immediately you are bombarded with pictures of what successful women and men look like. Women especially feel insecure about how they look from time to time.

A research I read many years ago showed that about seven or eight out of every 10 women wished they could change something about their appearance.

There was just something they did not like. On my own, I decided to investigate further and the more I talked to people, the closer I hit the fact that many of these insecurities come, when we set ourselves up in comparison with these celebrities and some important personalities that we have been made to believe are successful.

So, from a young age, girls begin to form a mindset that their success depends on how they pattern their lives after the so-called celebrities. They start comparing themselves with these celebrities and in most, cases they find out that they fall short.

Young ladies, who cannot afford the clothes these celebrities wear, feel insecure about their appearance and quickly the devil latches on to this opportunity and gives an easy way to get the clothes. Just when they get desperate enough, a man will appear with money for the clothes, Brazilian hair and latest gadgets. But of course, these things do not come free. It is not only young ladies that feel insecure. Older and more mature women are suffering from this feeling of insecurity. When some women cannot afford to dress the way the ladies do on TV or buy the “finer” things of life, they begin to feel they are not good enough.

Eve was a beautiful woman created in the image and likeness of God. She had everything— a God that loved her, a purpose to fulfil on earth, a wonderful husband and a good life at the Garden of Eden. And though there were no celebrities in her time, the devil came to her and filled her with feelings of insecurity.

The devil whispered to her, “ you will be like God”(Gen 2:4) and she believed him. Having filled her with insecurities, she could not make wise decisions again and she lost everything. Jesus was tempted the exact same way. In His own time, there were celebrities— kingdoms and empires with rulers commanding millions of people and controlling riches. Once again the devil whispered, “All this I will give you…”(Luke 4:6)

What was the difference between both temptations? The Word. The word Jesus had hidden in His heart came out, when He was tempted and with it, He was able to resist the devil. You need something on your inside to be able to resist the outside force.

Today, I enjoin you to fill yourself with the word of God, which is Spirit and life. Do not leave yourself empty and open. Be filled the word and be surrounded with friends that have clean ambitions to rise in life and not materialisti.

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