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The invincible name of God – Part 1



The secret of victory in 2018 is to walk in the authority and dominion of God’s name. GOD has given us the authority in His name to rule on this earth. The name of God is heaven’s mandate given to us to reign in 2018. When we move in the invincibility of God’s name, no power can resist us, and we shall surmount every challenge we face.

In God’s Name…
The name of God is given to us to use to confront evil, challenge the spirits of darkness, possess territories, release men from captivity, bring light to where darkness reigns, and introduce the Kingdom of God. Moving in God’s name eliminates every fear, every feeling of inadequacy, and every feeling of low-esteem. In His name, sicknesses, diseases and powers bow.

Moses Versus Pharaoh
God sent Moses to Pharaoh with no greater authority than the power that is in His name (Exodus.3: 13-17). Imagine how Moses would have felt when God sent him to go and confront Pharaoh, an ancient monarch, and to ask him to release the children of Israel from Egypt. Moses must have felt intimidated walking into Pharaoh’s presence. Moses was not armed with any physical armour or arsenal, other than God’s changeless name. He was simply told to go in the name of the “I AM WHO I AM.” When Moses doubted if he would be taken seriously by the children of Israel, it was then God asked him, “What do you have in your hand?” Moses felt more confident going with his rod than not having any physical object to cling to. However, the truth is that the name of God is more powerful and potent than any physical instrument we carry about on this earth. 


When God commands us to go on an assignment in His name, He puts all the resources of Heaven at our disposal. The authority given to Moses with which he overcame Pharaoh and his army of magicians is no more than the authority given to every believer in Christ. Armed with the name of Jehovah and his rod, Moses overcame all the gods in Egypt and dismantled all the occult structures of Pharaoh and his magicians. What will count this year is whose mandate we have and in whose name we operate in and not the magnitude of the problems we face. 

David Conquered Goliath In That Name
David went in the authority in God’s name to take on Goliath. “Then David said to the PhilistiNO SLUGne, “You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied” (1 Samuel 17:45-50).
Before David’s arrival at the valley of Elah, the theatre of war, Goliath had boasted and ridiculed the whole army of Israel for 40 days. No one, including King Saul, was courageous enough to square up with him. David must have been amazed that Israel went through such ridicule, yet no Israelite soldier was bold enough to challenge Goliath for the 40 days he boasted before Israel. They could not, because none of them had a revelation of the name and authority of God. Once David got the revelation, he moved against Goliath.

Thus, what must always come to our mind this year, as we meet temptations and challenges, is the name and authority of God on which we stand. We must be ready to use the authority we have in God’s name to confront challenges this year.

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