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The invincible name of Jesus – Part 2


Austen C. Ukachi

Both testaments in the Bible contain exciting records of the application and display of the power and character in the name of God. Both Testaments reveal that the name of God is not ordinary, but commands great power and is given to believers for use to overcome situations and circumstances.

God revealed both the power and character of his name to Moses at various times (Ex.3:13-17; 34:6-8). Then in Numbers 6:27, Moses was explicitly commanded to bless the children of Israel using the name of God. David states in Psalm 20:5 that we hoist and display our victory banners in the name of God. Thus the name of God has a symbolic importance.

Life they say runs on a cycle of blessings and battles or warfare. We never stay permanently on one cycle. Today, we are enjoying blessings and tomorrow we face one battle or another. The name of Jesus is a tested weapon for blessing the people of God or for engaging in warfare when the battles of life arise.


The New Testament
In the New Testament, God’s authority is given to us to exercise in the place of prayer, in casting out demons, baptizing in his name (Acts 2:38), in praying for the sick, (Acts 3:6), in working miracles, in proclaiming the gospel to the nations, (Acts 1:8), in demonstrating the kingdom of God, they forgave people’s sins in his name (Acts 10:43).

Jesus empowered his disciples with power and authority in his name to go and proclaim the kingdom of God (Luke.9:1; 10:17-19). After exercising the authority in his name they returned with testimony that demons were subject unto them.

Few weeks or days before Jesus went to the cross, He renewed the mandate of the power in his name to his disciples (John 14:12-14). The name of Jesus is a life giver. It is stated that the purpose of Jesus’ discourse in the book of John is that men may believe and that in believing they may have life in his name (John 20:30).

Again, after his resurrection, he commissioned his disciples to go to the nations in the power in his name (Matthew. 28:18-22; Mark.16:14-16).

The disciples went in the authority of his name doing exploits, healing the sick and doing diverse miracles (Acts 3:6, 16; 19:11-20).

The authority of Jesus was given to the disciples for the purpose of preaching the kingdom message (Luke. 9:1-2). The Church must rediscover its mandate for missions and evangelism.

Jesus’ prayer in John 17:6 was that he had manifested the name of God to them.

Not A Magic Wand
Powerful as the name of God is, it must not be misused or regarded as a magic wand, which any Dick and Harry could use. The name of Jesus is far more than that. Those who wield the authority of the name of Jesus must have a relationship with Him and must be sanctified. In Acts 19:11-20, when some exorcists who were the sons of Sceva tried to imitate Paul by evoking the name of Jesus on a demoniac, they were overpowered and given a chase by the demon. Those who use the name of Jesus to confront demons must be under authority and live holy lives.

To Uproot And To Build Nations And Kingdoms
Jeremiah was given authority over nations and kingdoms, to root out, pull down, destroy, throw down, build and plant (Jeremiah.1:10, 18-19). And so are we in the name of Jesus.

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