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The invincible name of Jesus – Part 3



It would have been a grave error, if God had created man and left him in this world to sort out things in his own way without empowering him. But thank God, He did not do that.

Rather, He gave dominion and power to man to rule and reign over all issues of life. The battles of life are won, as we employ the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Called To Rule And Reign In His Matchless Name

The name of God represents His authority, His character and power. The name of Jesus is given to the saints as an instrument of authority to reign and to assert kingdom power over the earth.

No power or kingdom or situation in life can withstand the authority that is in the name of God. This is evident in the way Moses destroyed the structures, which Pharaoh took centuries to build in Egypt. In the name of God, Moses unsettled the religious and political hierarchy in Egypt. At the end, the children of Israel were released to go to Canaan against Pharaoh’s wish.

God’s dealings with king Nebuchadnezzar, the powerful king of Babylon followed a similar pattern. It was meant to demonstrate the sovereignty authority of God over man. It was to establish one incontrovertible point, which is “that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever he chooses” (Daniel 4:17, 25). God rules and reigns through His people, when they exercise their God-given authority.

In The Name Of God

David’s defeat over Goliath also highlights the importance of the authority in the name of God. On the human plan, David was no match for Goliath. He was younger in age, smaller in stature, inexperienced in war, and not physically equipped like Goliath. Yet he outmatched Goliath, the war veteran because he evoked the matchless name of God.

Forty Years Problem Eradicated In The Name Of Jesus

To comprehend the awesome name of Jesus Christ, we have to reflect on what happened at the Beautiful gate, where Peter and John met a man who was born lame from birth. The condition of this man was that he was hopelessly delinquent for forty years of his life, until he met with Peter and John. Each day, he sat at the gate to beg for alms, until Peter arrived that fateful morning.

Think of it, in the matchless name of Jesus, a man who had been living with a problem for more than forty years was instantly healed. That is how powerful the name of Jesus is. 

The Name Of Jesus In End Time Warfare
The use of the authority in the name of God is not only limited to this dispensation, but will be in use in the future end-time strategic battles against the enemies of God. In Revelations 19: 11-17, John is given a vision of Jesus sitting on a white horse and leading a procession of the “armies of heaven” in order to “judge and make war” against the nations. Even in this cosmic conflict, the name and titles of God are emblazoned as weapons of warfare. In verse 12, we read that Jesus had a name that is shrouded in mystery; then in verse 13 we read, “He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and his name is called The Word of God.” 

All these Biblical examples demonstrate how we can rule and reign in the name of Jesus Christ. This is the sure way to victorious living in 2018.

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