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The king has a reserved seat for you in the state house banquet


Archbishop (Dr.) Olanrewaju OBEMBE

It is quite clear from the Word of God that whatever faith trusts God for, the Grace of God will always supply. The Supernatural always happens, when our faith connects with God’s Grace. For by Grace are we saved, healed, delivered, lifted and blessed through our faith in God. It is not of our works lest any man should boast. Romans 9:16 “So then it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth, but of God that SHEWETH mercy.”

It is amazing how God cares so much about us, in spite of our human frailties and shortcomings. God has placed so much value upon us that our human limitation and inadequacies cannot diminish His Love, Kindness, Generosity and Benevolence. In 2 Samuel 9, David the king, (acting in the place of God) woke up one day and was looking for somebody to bless and show kindness to in the house of Saul, (his ferocious enemy and persecutor) just for the sake of Jonathan – his Covenant Friend. The emphasis in David’s desire was that he was looking for somebody in the house of Saul to whom he will show THE KINDNESS OF GOD. Every human being is woken up every day by the kindness of God.

God is daily searching for somebody who He will show His kindness. The Breast of the Multi-Breasted EL-Shaddai God is so full of milk and is under pressure to discharge milk to anyone who would dare trust Him. His milk, which is therapeutic, contains all the nutrients for our daily sustenance and insulates and immunises us from all the endemic viruses of the wicked one. God is concerned about our needs and provisions and He has provided sumptuous delicacies for our daily consumption.

Today, it is very refreshing to know that God the Father is searching for somebody whom He will show His kindness to because of JESUS. From this passage (2 Samuel 9), Mephibosheth the grandson of Saul was rescued from Lode bar. Mephibosheth the prince had been in self-exile, the place of obscurity, penury and poverty at Lode bar. Despite his physical condition of being a cripple, the kindness of God brought him to the palace to feed freely from the statutory banquet of the State house. This is the gospel: Because of what JESUS has done on the Cross and the Covenant relationship, which God the Father had enunciated, every cripple is made qualified to come and sit without any sense of inferiority to partake of quality meals from Banqueting table.

The meals include your healing, turnaround, favour, miracles, breakthrough, restoration, provision, etc. Before the end of this year, we prophesy that the KINDNESS OF GOD will take you out of poverty; penury, limitation and you will sit at the State house and enjoy the Magnanimous Provision of the Almighty God. In the Name of JESUS all that you have lost in times past, will be fully restored to you.

PRAYER: Father God, thank You for the Seat You have reserved for me through the Sacrifice of JESUS and His Blood. I move majestically to sit on this Special Seat and partake of the State House blessings. I am covered by the Blood of JESUS, as my inadequacies cannot be seen, as I sit on the Father’s table of kindness.

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