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The making of a leader


The Lord JESUS said, “follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” The Lord said, “I will make you,” as you follow me.

The Lord intends that you allow Him TO MAKE YOU the Leader He wants you to be.

It takes a period of time; it takes a process in the making of a leader, like that of gold undergoing a refining process.

Every child of God has a call to leadership, but the Lord said, “follow me and I will make you.”

It does not only take time, and a process, it also takes development in leadership programmes, study and a determination, as we follow the Lord.

Leaders are made and not born. There is no born leader, but there are millions of made leaders, and you are one of them.

No matter how great a person may have risen in his leadership capacity, he was not so born, but was groomed and guided into greatness, which you can also attain.

All that it takes is passion, determination, training, and the desire for development in leadership skills, while yielding to the Lord to make you.

Many different kinds of gifts and callings are for the work of the ministry, but the saints need to be developed.

Friend, decide that you will not leave this world the way you met it; you must make your own contribution.

The first thought that goes on in the heart of a leader in the making is the feeling of unworthiness and inability.

Ex 3:11- Like Moses, they see their inabilities that they stammer; that they are cowards that cannot face their Pharaohs.

Friend, this may be a natural reaction in handling an exalted new position he is given, hence there is the need for the making of a leader.

God will make a lion out of a cub, a king eagle out of an eaglet, a full grown lofty tree out of a mustard seed.

It takes training, development, discipleship, time, perseverance and practicing kingdom leadership principles to release the full leadership potentials berthed in the person for active assignment and ministry.

It took forty solid years in the bush in the plan of God for His Israel to mature Moses into the brave and courageous formidable individual, who released the children of Israel from the iron furnace.

In all this, he was still laced in Godly humility to face Pharaoh. Trained leaders must maintain the very character and attributes of the Spirit of God, if it has to be God in the midst of the assignment.

Exodus 4:1-8 – The Lord God had to train and develop Moses directly by asking him to first cast his rod on the ground, which turned into a big and fearful serpent and he ran away out of fear.

But the Lord asked him to go back and take it by the tail. Out of fear he went back, took the serpent by the tail and it became his rod again.

What an outstanding training that God gave to Moses in making him to become a great leader!

Moses may have thought that the training was over, but it was not yet over.

More things were to come; more proofs were to confirm the sender. The making of a leader will go an entire process, the more he passes the tests, the more the impetus added to the training from above.

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