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The marks of a fruitful christian


James O. James

The first commandment God gave man after creating him was to be fruitful. (Genesis 1:22). Therefore, God is highly interested in the believer’s fruitfulness.Unfortunately, many Christians do not realise that to be fruitful is an integral part of being a bona-fide child of God (John 15:8,16). It is also one of the requirements for God’s blessings. (Exodus 23:25)

In the above passage and others, it is clear that unfruitfulness is a serious matter that should not be taken for granted, if we are to fulfil our divine mandate here on earth.

What does it mean to be fruitful?
• It is to be a SOUL WINNER – This is the Church’s primary mission. Unfortunately, the church has been reduced to business centres; solution centres; miracle collecting centres and what have you. Much as I believe in miracles and prosperity, these things are a means to an end and not the primary reason the Church exists. The church exists to WIN SOULS. To be a soul winner is simply to share your faith, either by preaching or by the life you live. A soul winner is never ashamed to tell others about Jesus Christ. Paul said, “Woe is me, if I preach not the gospel.” 1 Corinthians 9:16

• It is to be passionate about the things of God – Such a person serves without reservation or selfish interests. One way to know a passionate Christian is that he or she does not go late to church or absents himself or herself due to some flimsy reasons. A fruitful Christian is also actively involved in serving in the church.

• Reproduces himself – Paul not only preached the gospel, but he also reproduced himself in sons and daughters in ministry. Timothy was Paul’s son in ministry.
• Influences people positively for God. David was such a man. He turned dejected and hopeless men into mighty men of valour. Aquila and Priscilla were also positive influencers who helped shape the ministry of Apollos.
• Sets godly examples – Paul writing to his son Timothy admonished him to be an exemplary believer. Many people may never read the Bible, but they will read your life and mine.
• Serves for the benefit of others and not himself. They serve because they love God and not primarily for the blessing.
• Depends absolutely on God.
Why Christians are not fruitful?
• They do not abide in Christ; they are shallow Christians who know little about God and His Word.
• Self-centred and driven primarily by reward. Prayer collectors can never be fruitful.
• Have no desire for soul winning.
• Serve God only when convenient.
• Serve God with excuses – I am too young; I will serve God when I settle down; I am too busy or I am taking care of my children. May the blessing of God not become an excuse not to serve Him!

If you are not active in Soul Winning in one capacity or the other, then you are not being fruitful. The danger of unfruitfulness, according to the Bible, is to be cut off from the vine (Jesus) and be cast into the fire to be burned. May that not be your portion! Tell someone about Jesus today!
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