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The Marriage Institution – Part 11


Ayo Daniels

Communication is the art of passing across information, feelings, and thoughts to someone and receiving feedback. It is a process of sharing yourself, both verbally and non-verbally in such a way that your spouse understands what is being said.

In marriage, we cannot effectively communicate until we successfully pass our message, thoughts, and intentions across to the other person and receive a corresponding answer. This is different from ordinary use of words. In any communication engagement, the message should be sent through a medium to a receiver without any distortion called noise.

God intended that man and woman should be fulfilled in their relationship, but poor communication is one of the reasons behind the rancour, bitterness, envy, and violence being experienced today. The issues, which border on money, sex and in-laws’ relationships hinge on communication. Don’t assume that your spouse hears you clearly each time you speak. So, be sure to get a responsive action. Adam and Eve depicted a picture of an ideal couple, but they still missed it on communication because they ran on assumptions. Couples should share their goals in career, business to avoid conflicts based on assumptions. They should open their communication lines, today, to spare themselves of tomorrow’s heartaches.


Most people see communication as the art of talking, using words. But the art of communication demands that everyone who talks must have a corresponding listener, someone who clearly understands what is being said by their responsive actions, either positively or negatively. Relationships are somewhat 85 per cent communication and should be intentional as an essential ingredient, just as blood is to life. Every couple should learn how to create and live together in an atmosphere where love is communicated unconditionally for the stability of their home. Every married couple should learn their own languages as often as possible because people speak different languages in the art of communication.

Words are the basic medium of effective communication. The use of words is an important tool in communication. We use words to paint pictures. There is what to say, when to say it, where to say it and how to say it. We basically communicate in 4 different ways: (i) Talking (ii) Listening (iii) Actions (iv) Attitude and Atmosphere. The use of facial expressions, body movement; verbal speech with voice pitch are all tools employed in communication process Ephesian 4:29.

Ayo Daniels is a healthy family passionate who writes from Lagos and will love to hear your feedback, questions, testimonies and attend to your counselling need:


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