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The miracles of our lord Jesus Christ



Scripture Reading: Matthew 14:14; Mark 11:22; Hebrew 11:6; Leviticus 11:45; Matthew 14:14, 19, 35; Isaiah 55:1; Mark 1:15.

During the life of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth, one thing is clearly evident, and that is the miracles He performed on all the people He met. The scripture says He is a man sympathetic to the sufferings of the afflicted and therefore healed them all (Matthew 14:14).

Our Lord Jesus did not only teach the scriptures and healed the sick; He equally fed them with the little resources at His disposal. He multiplied five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed a multitude satisfactorily such that there was excess left over (Matthew: 14:14, 19, and 35). It is, therefore, a known fact that our Lord is an all-sufficient God, He is the complete package.

Brethren, the magnitude of your problems is not an issue before God. You will surely celebrate over them soon, but you need to take heed, for a doubter cannot receive anything from God. It takes a heart that trusts and beliefs in the efficacy of our Lord Jesus to receive miracles from Him. It is such staunch faith that ushers in angelic visitation into the life of anyone seeking something from God, without the need for rigorous prayers or fasting (Hebrew 11:6).

Our Lord led a holy life during His earthly sojourn. It is, therefore, mandatory that anyone who wants to be touched by Him this month should live a chaste life. There are no cutting corners here. It is the supreme commandment.

Beloved, our Lord knows you are broken, tired and dejected. He knows you have spent all you have on your predicament, but he’s passionately calling you to come and experience peace, joy, and happiness. He created you not just to fill up the numbers, but for a glorious purpose, which must be fulfilled right from this moment. All that you need do is to heed the call (Isaiah 55:1). His hands are stretched out before you, take it, and let Him lead you to salvation, redemption, and deliverance.

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