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The multitude of No -Part 2

By John Okene
25 October 2020   |   4:07 am
The multitude of No never wants to see a man fulfil his destiny and so they do everything to stop him. They can stop a man from getting married, having children and even enjoying sound health.

Rev. John Okene

The multitude of No never wants to see a man fulfil his destiny and so they do everything to stop him. They can stop a man from getting married, having children and even enjoying sound health. They ensure that you remain in sickness, even when 1 Peter 2:4 says that we are healed by the stripes of Jesus. Note that no matter what they say, your healing is settled in Jesus name.

Another thing they can say NO to, is you getting a job. They can go as far as locking up one’s certificate spiritually in a shrine and even urinating on it, just to render it inauthentic and invalid. In one of our services, a word of knowledge came that God was about to visit a brother, whose certificate was urinated on spiritually and so was jobless for about seven years after graduation. Everyone chorused “Amen” and just as we closed, a brother received a call that turned his life around for good. A company where he went for an interview a few years back claimed that he came out the best amongst other applicants, but mysteriously, they lost his contacts and so could not reach him to resume work. This fateful day, they stumbled on his file and called him to resume immediately at Port Harcourt in Nigeria. He was given an official car, a well furnished apartment and other mouthwatering benefits. I pray for you that everything you were ordained to get for the past 20 years will come to you in arrears in Jesus’ name.

These powers can also say NO to your deliverance. A lady came from the U.S to get married in Nigeria and when she returned to the states, she ran mad. She was bundled back to Nigeria and suddenly became okay. After a few weeks, she returned abroad and the case occurred again. When it dawned on her family that it was spiritual, she was brought to me. In the course of the deliverance, a voice spoke from within her that they are many who agreed that she could not get her deliverance because her father killed someone and the blood of the victim was crying for vengeance. The multitude of NO stood on the sins of her father to hinder her destiny, but God’s mercy delivered her. These powers can also say NO to your prosperity, causing rising and falling in your finance and advancement in life.

It is important that we know who these powers are. In Judges 15:12-15, it was Solomon’s close relatives that binded him and handed him over to the Philistines. They are household enemies who say NO to your destiny. They could also be wicked associates and friends, as experienced by David in Ps. 55:12-15. Again, the multitude of NO could be demonic powers or legions of demons, strong witches in a family, marine cult who sit over cases of men in their kingdom, ensuring that they never get a breakthrough. Finally, they could be avenging powers who have a legal ground on a mission to avenge a person and they could also be satanic priests who walk together with other demonic powers.

Often times, all of these powers have a legal ground upon which they operate. Some of these could be evil covenants, unbroken curses in a family, sins or evil consultation that makes you a lawful captive. Others are evil dedication or marriage in the spirit realm, especially when there is a token of such union like spiritual ring, children and marriage certificate. In order to be free from these powers, you must repent genuinely, live holy, pray the prayer of discovery to know the legal ground on which they operate and break it. Finally, seek help from higher authorities.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623

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