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The mystery of altars – Part 4


Rev. Theodore Effiong

These Scriptures are most revealing: First, he stood in the gateway into the city; before he entered physically, he entered it spiritually.

Before he took dominion physically, he took it spiritually.

Second, he used divination. In divination, altars are raised. This is clearly seen in Balaam’s modus.


Num. 22:7 helps us to know he was into divination. Num. 23:1-2, 13, 14, 27-30, reveal that he built a total of 21 altars, offered a total of 21 oxen and 21 rams on them.

So, in order for the king of Babylon to effectively use divination, he had to, as a matter of necessity, raise altars to the devil.

Thirdly, before they fired physical arrows, they released them spiritually.

Jameson Fausset Brown’s Commentary says: “Divination by arrows is here referred to-They were put into a quiver marked with the names of particular places to be attacked…” Again, God revealed in Ezekiel how an image or altar of jealousy had been placed at the entrance of the Temple of God to provoke Him. (Ezekiel 8:5).

The purpose of placing that altar there was to cause God’s presence to go far from the sanctuary. (v6).

When altars of darkness are placed at gateways or entry points into cities, they usher demonic traffic into the cities.


As such, gateways of cities and nations are under constant contention.

They represent ports or doorways for demonic forces to invade the land.

God’s people need to constantly visit such entrance points periodically, cleansing the entrance points, demolishing altars raised, and raising fresh altars unto the Lord.

In the city I reside, I do this periodically, mostly in the night when people are asleep.

Occasionally, I have taken permission to enter institutions that serve as gateways such as the airport, seaport, television and radio stations, stadiums etc. for this very purpose. (Isa. 28:5, 6).

Why do you think the Church has so little influence? It lacks both political and economic control in the land.

The Church lacks a voice in the land because it does not understand the principles of taking dominion and control at the gates.


While you are busy sleeping, they are visiting these major gateways in the midnight hours, carrying out acts of divination and sorcery.

The true landlords in every nation and city are the men who raise altars in the gateways.

As already seen, the king of Moab sacrificed his son on the walls of Moab. Altars are not just raised anyhow. They are strategically raised.

David strategically raised the altar of God’s temple at the site, where God revealed Himself to him.

The Church is so busy having Church that it has failed to be the altar it is supposed to be, as the early Church was.

The Need To Raise Multiple Altars Unto The Lord In Each City And Nation

I visualise God on His throne, radiating with glory, light and splendour and a blanket in the mid-heavens or a sheet spread over your city and nation hindering and blocking the light and glory of God from penetrating and reaching your land.

Further visualise a scenario of altars being raised unto the Lord on earth below all over your city and all over your nation. See each of these altars igniting and emitting fire into the atmosphere.

Envision the fire from each of these altars ascending to the blanket in mid heavens and making a small hole.


The more altars raised, the more holes are perforated in the blanket and the more of God’s light and glory is now able to shine through these perforations and His glory rays hit the earth below.

As the glory rays hit the earth, transformation begins to take place.

If multiple altars are raised, they cause perforations in the heavens, so numerous that the blanket tears and God’s glory breaks forth in its fullness. That is full-scale revival. That is what Isaiah cried for:

Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down… As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth…to make thy name known to thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at thy presence. (Isa. 64:1-2).

If one major altar is raised in the heart of your city or nation, an altar that burns constantly and emits so much fire and heat, equal to that of many multiple altars, this altar will not make just one tiny perforation in the blanket. It will tear and rend the heavens open.

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