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The mystery of altars – Part 7



Why has this been such a big deal to me?

• Because God will open a portal to Heaven in a place that’s dedicated to Him.

A meeting point between human and spirit beings ensue: God cares about land.

He cares about places. When a place is dedicated to Him, you can feel the difference.

He will actually open a gateway to and from Heaven over that place, and you’ll have supernatural encounters with Him there.

(Genesis 28:16-17) describes one such instance. A gate into the spirit world to make way for angelic traffic, a spiritual highway was opened.

I believe there is an open portal to Heaven over my altar.

It may be a small one, but you would not believe how pregnant the atmosphere is there. It’s saturated with God’s glory.

• Because having a dedicated altar in a quiet place feeds your spirit’s need for separation and solitude: Jesus was huge into taking time alone with God.

You can see this especially, if you read through the Gospel of Mark.

It seems like almost every few verses in that book, you read something about Jesus taking the disciples and going away into a deserted place; Jesus going up to a mountain alone to pray; Jesus spending all night alone in prayer to God, over and over.

After ministry, after a big day, after a lot of excitement, etc. off goes Jesus to spend time alone with God.

He had a familiar prayer resort- His personal prayer altar. John18: 1&2.

“When Jesus had spoken these words, he went forth with his disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden into which he entered and his disciples.

And Judas also, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus oft times resorted thither with his disciples.”

The garden, which Jesus often went, was called Gethsemane, located on the Mount of Olives.

Over and over again, you see Jesus going to this specific place for personal prayer. Luke 22:39-41; Luke 21: 37; John 8: 1&2. And Jesus is our example.

Making an altar in your home gives you a dedicated place to separate from the chaos of life and commune face to face with God.

How To Raise An Altar

• Locate a spot and make it a place of worship and consecration.

• Demolish old altars and repent over idolatry. In raising an altar unto the Lord, we must ensure that we are not building on an existing altar that was raised to Satan. That is why we begin with repentance.

• Hallow it by prayers. If you are so led, you might further hallow it by pouring anointing oil, wine or water on it. Gen. 28: 18; Gen. 35: 14; Lev. 8: 10

• Call upon the name of the Lord and ask the three to bear record on earth and in heaven to take note that you are raising an altar to Him on that spot. 1 John 5: 7&8.

Are you ready to do this, but you don’t know how to start? Here’s how to make an altar in your home:

• Pick a place that’s quiet and away from everything else.

• Make it a place where you’re not staring at piles of laundry or dirty dishes. Make it a place where you can hide from your kids, your spouse, your phone, your computer, or anything else that screams for attention.

• Clean it up. Believe it or not, the Holy Spirit rests on order, not on chaos. You will feel a tangible difference, if you will clean your spot out.

Even if you have to start with a 2foot by 3foot spot on the floor, if that’s all you can clean, do it anyway. Make your spot clean and orderly, no matter how tiny it is.

• Place your Bible and study materials in your altar, so you can always find them.

An altar is an instrument of legislation. The corporate altar of the church is the strongest legislature on earth. Matthew 16: 18.

In the realm of the spirit, there is a clear network of altars. The smaller altars network with the bigger and stronger ones.

An individual’s personal altar links up with the community altar, which links with the overall altar ruling the territory or nation.

If you desire to have greater victory in your spiritual legislation, then begin to network with other “watchmen” in your location to raise territorial altars. They are stronger.

Through the corporate altar in your city, you can help defend and strengthen the territorial church.

God is building a people of power. From your altar, you can enforce God’s judgment on the workers of iniquity in your nation.

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